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These days, job seekers have access to countless resume builder tools. Online Resume Builders™ is the ultimate solution for your employment search! Online Resume Builders™ provides the easiest, most efficient resume builder available to help you secure your next position.

The Most Adaptable Resume Builder on the Market

With one million customers and counting, the convenience of our online resume builder is unmatched. Online Resume Builders™ is the first to offer a mobile-friendly resume builder. Our online resume builder app gives you the ability to create and edit your resume on a mobile phone. Update your resume anytime, from anywhere.

Online Resume Builder Features

Easy Data Input

The Online Resume Builder lets you easily build a professional resume. Just add your information to transform the resume template into a remarkable resume!

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Job Specific Resume Versions

The best resumes are niche specific. The Online Resume Builder directs you on how to write a simple resume for your target job. View an example of a resume for the desired job, add your experience, and that’s it!

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Resume Cloud Storage

No more lost files or time wasted in your inbox searching for past resume versions. Just input your data and your resume is stored on our secure Cloud network. Easy access anytime!

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The Source for Job Search Materials

You need a standout portfolio to land an interview with potential employers. Use the thousands of resources provided and land your next interview.

Resume Samples

Our free Online Resume Builder site features thousands of resume samples for nearly every imaginable position. It is encouraged that you use job specific resume samples as inspiration when updating your resume using our free resume creator tool.

Popular Resume Samples

Professional Resume Templates

How to Choose a Resume Template

Cover Letter Examples

We feature a sample cover letter for job applications in nearly every conceivable industry—the greatest number of free cover letter examples on the web. Locate one in your target field and see for yourself how to write a cover letter for a job application.  

Why Cover Letters are Important

Cover Letter Samples

Cover Letter Templates

Job Interview Preparation

An exemplary resume and cover letter landed you an interview, but what now?! Our job interview tips will ensure that you are prepared for any question or salary negotiation scenario, with impressive, natural responses.

Interview Techniques and Strategies

Salary Negotiation Resource Guide

FAQs for Using Online Resume Builders

What is Online Resume Builders?

Online Resume Builders is the fastest, simplest solution to creating your resume in 2018. You are able to create a professional, niche-specific resume in minutes on your desktop or using the mobile phone app.

How should I write my resume?

Creating a resume is simple, just:

  1. Choose a Template
  2. Type in your Personal Information
  3. Update your Experience
  4. List your Educational Background
  5. Explain Your Experience and Skills
  6. Add Your Activities
  7. Input Any Awards You have Received and When
  8. Explain Your Interests

Tips for Creating a Professional Resume
  1. Select a resume template that suits your target job.
  2. Make it simple. Your resume should be straightforward.
  3. Keep the formatting consistent.
  4. Stay focused! Only add skills that apply to the target industry.
  5. Draw inspiration from resume examples and templates.
  6. Be Creative! Showcase your strong suits!
  7. Proofread thoroughly. Make no Mistakes!

What should I put on my Resume?

Always add all your basic information and educational background to your resume. Next, list your most recent employment history—at least three positions back. Always showcase the positions and skills that are particularly relevant to the industry and job you are seeking.

What should I put in my cover letter?

Your cover letter should speak to your potential employer, explaining the reasons and qualifications that make you the best fit for the open position. Be sure to write in a professional, but personable tone—this is your chance to showcase your best qualities and land your next interview!


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