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As we all settle into the new year, many of us are finding roadblocks on the pathway to our goals. Was professional development one of your New Year’s resolutions? How about starting a new career?


Before making any career moves, you must give your resume a quick review to assure that it meets the new standards. Follow the tips below to guarantee that you have the best 2017 resume template.


Hiring managers typically dedicate only 6 seconds to each resume before choosing to move forward with a personal interview. It’s impossible to completely consider someone for employment in 6 seconds so you are probably wondering, how do they do it? Well, appearance matters.


The most qualified candidate will often be overlooked if their experiences and skills are displayed in a confusing order or the font is difficult to read. To guarantee a spot on the call-back list, you must have a properly formatted resume template that showcases your best attributes in a clear and concise manner.  


At Online Resume Builders, we only provide the most up-to-date templates within our platform. Each template gives room for personalization while maintaining a professional layout. Check out the four most popular templates below.

Classic Template

Always in style, the Classic Resume is one of the best 2017 resume templates. Perfectly simple, yet strikingly modern, this template draws focus to the areas that matter. The layout is familiar and easy on the eyes, everything hiring managers want to see. Each section has a clear break before each new portion is started for increased readability.


This template works well for all skill levels and professions, however; recent graduates and new employees would benefit the most from the streamlined format.

New Century Template

The New Century Template is a more modernized version of the Classic template. It maintains the same sleek layout and includes a header and footer for a more visually appealing display.


This template only draws attention to the areas that you want the recruiter to focus on without distracting them with unnecessary information.


This template is great for all job seekers, yet more seasoned professionals can make the most out of its utility.

Traditional Template

The traditional template is another variation of the classical template. This template is equally as eye-catching and gives attention to your previous work experience over other factors such as Education and Personal Skills.


As this template focuses on your previous work history, it is best for seasoned professionals who have enough appropriate experience to substantially articulate their skillsets under each previous position.

Regal Template

The Regal Template is a more stylized version of the New Century template. It has a functional flow with a splash of color and utilizes icons for a more eye-catching visual. The splash of color is attractive, yet not overpowering, making this one of the best 2017 resume templates for grabbing a recruiter’s attention.


This template is great for all job seekers, especially those seeking jobs in more contemporary companies.

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