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Working in law enforcement can be an incredibly fulfilling way to make a living. While any community would be lucky to have a qualified candidate serve on their police force, you should still prepare for the often arduous process of actually landing the job. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a background in law enforcement, the following sites will help you with your career goals.

Law Enforcement Job Tips and Information

Understanding what it takes to work in law enforcement is essential. For those who are already on the force, it’s just as important that you know what your options are, as well as what it takes to find those jobs.

  • Police Officer Requirements – Start with this site for a quick primer on what it actually takes to become a police officer. Once you understand the requirements for this work, you’ll be able to prepare accordingly.
  • Mistakes to Avoid – Avoiding these common police officer mistakes will help you transition into your role as a police officer with as little trouble as possible. However, these tips are also sound advice to keep in mind when initially applying to a police department.
  • Opportunities as an Officer – Working in law enforcement doesn’t mean you have to be a police officer. Read over this page to learn about the various roles you could take on to serve your community.
  • Private Sector Jobs – It’s also worth knowing about private sector jobs you can apply for as a police officer. Whether you decide to move on from the force or simply want an extra paycheck, this site will show you several options.

Law Enforcement Job Seeking Sites

Finding work as a police officer can be difficult. Typically, you need a department to approve of your employment before you can even go through the police academy too. Fortunately, these sites will show you which departments are hiring and for what positions. This includes opportunities for those of you with years on the force.

  • PoliceOne – PoliceOne is a great website for police officers of all experience levels. Their job board lists opportunities from all over the country (view by location, position, or category), but they also have a great newsletter and listings for continuing education.
  • DiscoverPolicing – With this job board, you can search for law enforcement jobs all over the country and even the world. The site also has a breakdown of police resources by state, like the number of agencies and average salary. If you’re a military veteran looking to join the force or are already on the force but looking to change positions, this site has sections dedicated to your unique needs.
  • Police Career Finder – Aside from its job board, this is a great website for preparing for a career in law enforcement. You can learn about how hiring cycles work and get help understanding the rules for filling out applications for these jobs. The site also gives you the option to create a job alert so you receive an email the moment the perfect opportunity opens up.

Law Enforcement Job Resources

For those that would like to learn more about a career in law enforcement and how to become a police officer, the following are useful websites for learning more about the industry and its rewards.

  • Being a Cop 101 – This article is an honest introduction into what you can expect if you decide to join the force. It should be required reading for anyone thinking of wearing a badge.
  • Making the Switch – Many of you may decide to become a law enforcement officer after years in another, completely different industry. This is another article that will help you decide if this switch is really the right move, but it will also give you some pointers for the unique situation you’re in.
  • Trends in Law Enforcement – The world of law enforcement has changed a lot. In this piece, you’ll learn what to expect if you plan on changing agencies or otherwise switching from one law enforcement career to another. Neither is a simple process, but this article will help you understand what they take.
  • Joining the Force as a Vet – You may think that, after serving your country, serving as a law enforcement officer would be a natural transition. Unfortunately, many veterans have found out the hard way that their path to wearing the uniform can actually be much harder. This article will explain why, but also give you tips for reaching your goal.

Rewarding Career, Rewarding Life

Few careers provide the combination of a rewarding career with one that is critical to the community. Becoming a police officer or continuing along your law enforcement career may be one of the best decisions you can make, and with a strong resume you can give yourself a chance to thrive in any role you take on.

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