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As an American with a disability, every day involves some unique challenges. The same is true when looking for a job. Amongst other things, you need to understand the laws that protect you from discrimination and which companies will be able to accommodate any special needs you have. Below is a collection of websites that will give you all the information you need to make the most of your job search.

Americans with Disabilities Job Tips and Information

The following websites will help you better understand your rights as a disabled American and show you how to find the right job and prepare or the interview.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act – Though it’s a long document, the government has put together an FAQ regarding the ADA. This is an essential piece of legislation every American with a disability should understand, especially when looking for a new job (though it will benefit you afterward too).
  • ADA Summarized – Here is a very handy summary of the ADA you should also review from time to time. It’s an easy reference guide that can serve as a quick reminder of your rights.
  • Interview Tips – Job interviews are always nerve-wracking, but those with disabilities often look forward to them even less for a number of reasons.  This list of tips is designed specifically for Americans with disabilities to help them prepare for the all-important job interview.
  • Job Hunting  – Before you get the interview, you have to find the right job, which is what this article by Monster will help you do. If you’re afraid your disability will get in the way of your chances of even landing that initial interview, this article will show you otherwise.

Americans with Disabilities Job Seeking Sites

Many companies are able to hire those with disabilities based on merit, and should have features in place to make sure that you are able to get the job. However, the following job boards may be valuable to those that are looking specifically for jobs that seek out disabled workers.

  • Ability Jobs – On this website, you can peruse a job board that has featured the likes of Deutsche Bank, Shell Company, and the University of Delaware, amongst many others. The site also allows you to create a profile, so employers can contact you with opportunities. Finally, go through their Resources section for some great information on everything from applying for a government job to relevant news items.
  • Recruit Disability – The Sierra Group Foundation is a nonprofit “dedicated to driving up employment for people with disabilities in America.” One way they do this is with their Recruit Disability website. This is another one where you can search for jobs and post your resume. You can also create job alerts, so the moment the right position comes along, you’ll receive an email.

Americans with Disabilities Job Resources

There may also be several unique and interesting challenges and ideas for those that are looking for work with a disability. The following are unique articles and websites to help those with disabilities find jobs.

  • Best Jobs for the Disabled – If you’re having trouble deciding on a career route, Forbes put together a list of the best jobs for people with disabilities. The list was created by Tony Lee, the publisher behind CareerCast. He was inspired by the high unemployment rate of disabled Americans and decided to help them find jobs they can perform with relative ease, while still feeling fulfilled and being well-paid.
  • Best Places to Work – This list, on the other hand, is of companies that have been recognized for their efforts at creating workplaces that are especially friendly to their disabled employees. Organizations on the list include household names like IBM, SC Johnson, and Proctor & Gamble.
  • To Disclose or Not – Not all disabilities are visible to the eye meaning many of you may be tempted to simply keep yours to yourself. This article will help you navigate the often tricky process of deciding whether or not you should disclose to a potential employer that you’re disabled.

Find a Job You Love

A disability alone should never be the reason that you are kept from employment from a job you deserve. If you believe that you may be discriminated against, you can visit websites like Workplace Fairness to determine your next steps. But the more you understand job seeking as a disabled individual, the less your disability will hold you back. Consider the above links to prepare yourself for the road ahead, and find a job that you love that will deserve your hard work.

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