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As an LGBT job seeker, there is often this voice in the back of your mind that worries that you may not be applying to an LGBTQ friendly company, or that you may be in an environment isn’t comfortable for your character. These types of challenges are thankfully becoming less frequent as time goes on, especially if you work in LGBT friendlier cities, but there is still no denying that there are often risks and issues that are associated with being LGBT that are difficult to ignore.

The following are some helpful resources for LGBT job seekers that can hopefully make it easier for you to find a job that you love, and one where you are accepted for who you are.

LGBT Job Tips and Information

The following are some useful strategies and information for those in the LGBT community on their job search, as well as some advice to those that are seeking a position and do not want their sexuality or preferences to play a role.

  • LGBT Job Search Tips – Although this article is directed at recent graduates, any member of the LGBT community who is looking for work will find this to be a helpful primer.
  • Expert Advice for LGBT – In this article, you’ll hear from Kirk Snyder and Julie Beach, two nationally-recognized experts on the subject of careers for LGBT members. This is another great piece for a better understanding of the unique steps you should take when looking for a job.
  • FAQ for Transgender People – Being a transgender individual comes with its own unique challenges. This is especially true when applying for a job. The University of Vermont put together this helpful FAQ that should answer many of the questions you have – and some you may not have thought of.
  • CareerProud – This is a great website that regularly covers a number of different topics relevant to those in the LGBT community who are searching for a job. Long after you find your new position, this site will continue to provide you with valuable information.
  • UNF LGBT Friendly Companies – Note that by no means is this a comprehensive list, nor should you avoid applying to companies that are not listed – especially small companies that would not be expected to show up on this type of list collection. However, this is a list by UNF on some of the larger companies known to be LGBT Friendly.

LGBT Job Seeking Sites

If you’re ready to begin looking for a job with a company you can rest assured is open to LGBT workers, the following websites feature openings with these types of employers.

  • LGBT Careerlink – This site is specifically mentioned by the Human Rights Campaign as a job board where members of the LGBT should look for work. You can even create a profile complete with your picture and resume and sign up for email alerts about opportunities you may be interested in.
  • OUT for Work – If you’re a recent graduate or a current student looking for an internship, OUT for Work has listings from a number of organizations looking to hire from the LGBT community.
  • Out Professional Network – Along with their job board, this website also gives you the opportunity to join a supportive network that provides a number of resources for both LGBT jobseekers and those who are already employed.

LGBT Job Resources

As you continue to seek out employment at companies that respect your life choices, you may also want to read about other information regarding LGBT workers and state rights. The following are resources to help you on your way.

  • Corporate Equality Index – You can use this Human Rights Campaign resource to look up American workplaces and see how they rank in terms of inclusiveness for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees.
  • Overcoming Workplace Challenges – Hopefully it’s not necessary, but after you land the perfect job, this article may come in handy to ensure a smooth transition and that coworkers are acting appropriately.
  • Discrimination Laws State by State – The ACLU has compiled a list of discrimination laws on a state by state basis, so that you can keep track of what your state allows. If you are also discriminated against in employment, you can talk to the ACLU about your rights.
  • What to Expect from the Workplace – Monster put together a State of the Union of sorts regarding what the American workplace is like for LGBT people. You’ll want to read this before going out for interviews or even submitting applications so you have some idea of what to expect – the good and the bad.
  • The Best Places to Work – The Huffington Post is back with their annual list of the best companies to work for if you’re LGBT. One reason we recommend this list is because it’s so diverse; there are plenty of opportunities for those from every background and experience level.
  • LGBT Interview Tips – interviewed several experts with tips about job interviews and job seeking for LGBT workers.

Find the Job You Want

Your sexual preference should have nothing to do with employment. But you may still face some challenges along the way. Consider the above resources, and try to create a resume that shows your inarguable skillset in order to find the job you want.

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