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At some point in your life, you may decide you want to work in a position that matters – a job that makes a different in the world. When that happens, you’ll likely be looking for work with non-profit companies and those engaged in community work.

Working in the non-profit sector can be extremely rewarding, but it is also very demanding, as non-profits need to get the most they can off of limited financing from each and every employee.

If you are looking for a career in the non-profit field, it will take a strong resume, knowledge of the industry, and much more. Below, we’ve collected a number of resources that will help you begin working at a non-profit company.

Non-Profit Job Tips and Information

Applying for non-profit jobs is a very different than applying to traditional for-profit jobs. The needs of the organization are different, and the work you’re expected to do can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Below are some non-profit job tips and information from outside sources.

  • Thinking About a Nonprofit Job? – This is a great place to start if you have no experience with the industry. It will explain what nonprofit jobs entail and what kinds of people these companies generally hire. Think of this page as an FAQ for those who are just beginning their career search.
  • How to Break into Nonprofit Work – In this collection of interviews, you’ll hear from people who work for nonprofits talk about how they broke into the field, a description of how they got to their current role, and other pieces of unique advice about this type of work.
  • Top 10 Nonprofit Job Hunting Tips – Tom Friel has years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Here, he gives his best 10 tips for those looking to land a job in this field.
  • When to Quit for a Nonprofit? – Many of you may be interested in a nonprofit job, but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily ready to make the leap from your current position. This article will help you decide and give you pointers for moving forward if now simply isn’t the right time.

Non-Profit Job Seeking Sites 

While you can find non-profit jobs on nearly any job board, there are some websites used exclusively by non-profits to share jobs in the non-profit world, and these may be the first places to go to find work in this field:

  • Idealist – This site regularly features roughly 10,000 opportunities in the nonprofit industry and a database of close to 80,000 organizations. It is the largest non-profit job site currently available, hosting all types of fulfilling positions.
  • The Bridgespan Group  – Aside from the nearly 350 jobs you’ll find posted on this site at any one time, this site has numerous resources for learning the basics of the industry.
  • Commongood Careers – Commongood hires for its non-profit clients, and is an excellent resource for finding some of the harder to locate jobs that may not be as well advertised.
  • The Foundation Center – Hundreds of jobs are waiting for you at The Foundation Center. The site is also another great place – maybe the best online – for learning about philanthropy.
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy – A great site for news about the world of nonprofits, The Chronicle of Philanthropy also has a robust job board that features jobs for just about every level of experience.

Additional Non Profit Job Resources

The more you learn about the non-profit field, as well as the jobs within it and the work that you’ll be doing, the better a candidate you’ll be and the easier a time you’ll have at job interviews. If you need additional research into the non-profit world, you can consider the following sites:

  • Nonprofit Tech for Good – On this site, you’ll find regular content about using technology for nonprofit purposes, which is a subject you need to know a lot about if you’re going to land a job at one of these organizations in the digital age. Their Twitter account is also a great resource as it only follows nonprofits and those who work at nonprofits, so it’s another excellent place online for finding job opportunities.
  • Philanthropy 2173 – This blog is run by Lucy Bernholz, a Senior Research Scholar and visiting professor at Stanford. By reading her posts, you’ll have a high-level understanding of important issues affecting nonprofits today.
  • Nonprofit Marketing Blog – Regular opinion pieces written by industry leaders make this blog another easy resource to recommend for those who want to learn the field quickly and stay up-to-date.

Finding Your Non-Profit Voice

Your work doesn’t have to be solely for money. Some people find incredible joy working for companies that advance causes and make a difference in the world. But there is also no denying that non-profit jobs are very different from other types of work. Make sure you research the positions thoroughly, learn more about the non-profit industry, and make sure you have a resume that will impress non-profit employers.

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