Accountant / Auditor

Accountant and Auditor Job Info

Positions such as Accountant and Auditor require a serious eye for detail as well as a brain that is capable of crunching some even more serious numbers. Perhaps that’s why the vast majority of jobs require a degree of some kind.

The main focus of any accounting job is to research, analyze, and document company accounting data.

Duties to be performed could include:

  • Compiling and analyzing account data.
  • Track financial transactions.
  • Monitor and manage account assets for budgeting purposes.
  • Create balance sheets as well as gains and loss statements.
  • Audit financial documents.
  • Act as financial consultant to owner regarding spending and budgeting.
  • Presses to keep all financial holdings confidential and protected.
  • Follows all legal statutes regarding federal, state and local tax laws.
  • Remain current on all best practices by attending events, workshops and meetings.

Accountants are the financial backbone of any organization. Without an accountant to monitor the flow of money, a business owner would simply fly blind. They would have no idea what business models are bringing in profit and working. They would also have no idea where there expenses were going. Accountants are indeed very important and are considered extremely valuable in business.

Accounting and Auditing Average Salary

As of June 14th, 2016, the National Average Salary for an Accountant is 50,000.00.