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Administrative and Clerical Job Info

The world of administration is a vast one. From entry level positions such as admin assistant and bank clerk to high level careers in executive office management, customer service directors, and events management, administrative and clerical careers are frequently in high demand.

These are positions that play an important role in customer service, employee support, and general office management. They are jobs that require people skills, attention to detail, the ability to present, and much more. For you to land a job in these fields, it’s important to create a resume that recognizes the role that they play in the business.

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Administrative Resumes and Samples

Before embarking on your career in administrative work, and before you can move up in the field, you need to have a strong resume, one that:

  • Highlights only your most relevant skills.
  • Uses a template and style that is professional.
  • Speaks to the skillset of clerical work (customer service, organization, and more).

In addition, many of these jobs do not require substantial qualifications, which means that you are going to be competing with potentially hundreds of job applicants. Write each resume with the idea that you need to show why you are different and better than everyone else – not why you’re the same or “as good.”

Administrative and clerical work are critical to the success of a business and great careers for those looking for work. But before you can begin, you need to truly understand the resumes and what they entail. Search for your job below for more information.