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Advertising and Marketing Job Info

Businesses depend on advertising, marketing, and branding. Every business needs to be promoted in some way if they are to be used by consumers and businesses. It is also a job that invites people of many backgrounds – not just business experience, but also psychology, communications, sociology, and mathematics. Both online and offline, advertising and marketing are everywhere, and that means great jobs for those that want them.

The Marketing and Advertising Careers

There are many different jobs you can have in advertising and marketing. In some cases, you may be expected to wear many hats and execute complex, all-encompassing strategies. In other cases, you may be put in charge of one specific tasked and asked to focus solely on that one task. It is such a broad field that there are opportunities for you to work with:

  • Direct mail marketing.
  • Video development and promotion.
  • SEO, SEM, and PPC.
  • Copywriting and content marketing.
  • Social media marketing and strategy.
  • PR management, graphic design, branding, data analysis, and more.

Indeed, part of marketing is recognizing opportunity, no matter where it may be. With the average marketing salary at $60,000 and the average advertising salary as high as $70,000, it is also a career with ample opportunity, and one that will always be in demand.

Of course, every job needs an excellent marketing and advertising resume, with a great resume template, excellent action verbs, and more. Use the information below to find your job and learn what to write for your resume.

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