Animal Care

Animal Care Job Info

There is often nothing quite as rewarding as working with animals. From pets to livestock to animal preservation, jobs in animal care are there to address the needs of living creatures that cannot always address their own challenges themselves.

Working with animals is as rewarding as it is challenging. Animals cannot tell you what they need, which means that you are expected to come into the job with knowledge, patience, the willingness to put in the hard work, and a love of animals that will not falter while you give each job your all.

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The Qualities of a Great Animal Care Worker

As you create your animal job resume, and pick out a template that is ideal for this type of work, it is important to have a good understanding of what these jobs entail. You also need to try to determine what makes you different than someone else that applies for the role, such as:

  • Knowledge of Animal Behavior.
  • Experience with Animal Training.
  • Medical knowledge.

Each role will require a different set of skills. Dog sitters will need to show they are responsible, willing to put in work despite the ease of the job, and more. Zoologists and vet techs, on the other hand, will need far more evidence of animal knowledge. These should be on your resume, and they should be something you pursue if you want to maintain a career.

But what a rewarding career animal care can be. With a salary range from $48,000 for pet sitters to $61 for zoologists to $84,000 to veterinarians, animal care can be a great job once you’re in the field.