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For many, art is more than a hobby. It is also a job. While those that decide to pursue a career in art are often in it because they want an opportunity to turn their skills into money, positions in art and creative design also play a key role in other industries, such as marketing and advertising, website design, interior design, software, gaming, and more.

From music to graphic design to painting, there are careers in almost every artistic medium for those that want to pursue it, and while some of these jobs are competitive, the right resume, template, and portfolio has the potential to show employers that you will be an asset to their team.

The Many Different Roles of the Art and Creative Design Worker

Artists are always looking for new ways to turn their passion into a career. Technology has made that easier than ever, with roles that include:

  • UX Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Concept Artist
  • Videography

These types of positions are all tech based, and are an adaption of other forms of art. Yet even the traditional artistry still has a role in today’s economy, with jobs including:

  • Storyboard Design
  • Theatre Director
  • Dance Teacher
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Window Painter

These are still the traditional arts – drawing, dance, and more – and yet all of them are turned into careers that someone can use to earn money.

The salary for each art job will differ considerably, but one thing is clear: those that are in need of consistent employment can still find jobs that cater to their skillset. They simply have to create a resume, cover letter, and portfolio that matches their talent.

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