Graphic Designer Resume, Templates and Tips

The graphic designer’s business is to make something visually captivating, whether by developing advertising through a firm or working for public organizations to boost awareness of a campaign. The portfolio you create is going to be the most important tool for attracting employment, but a well crafted graphic designer resume can help hiring managers determine that you are better suited than another skilled designer.

Tips for Graphic Designer Resumes

The Technological Mediums

Hand drawing remains important in a drafting stage and as practice, but it’s common these days to use computer software for most work. Among these, the Adobe trio of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop is regarded as essential, but depending on where you apply, companies can also be interested in products like Corel or web design suites. Be specific both about the applications that you’re accustomed to using and how much experience you have with them, as hiring managers may be looking for people with this specific experience.

Review the Requirements

You should also make sure that you are writing to each job, as the role of a graphic designer may be very different between positions. Are you primarily working for web? Do you need to collaborate with other designers or are you the sole designer for the company? Will you be under the advertising team, the market team, or neither? The requirements listed in the job description will give you some of the feedback you need to determine what to put in your resume, and each resume should be written differently depending on the requirements.

Getting the Message Across

Graphic designers may pride themselves in their artistic skills, but ultimately, if it isn’t what the client wants, then it’s back to the drawing board. Such instances can create delays and result in passing up on other opportunities. Thus, interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate in more than images is essential for any graphic design resume. If you have any proof of communication skills, such as presentation, training, or examples of working with multiple departments, these should be noted.

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Graphic Designer Resume Samples

Graphic designer resumes should be clean and concise, just as any design you create would be. The following are some quality graphic designer resume examples:

Graphic Designer Resume Template
Don’t be too tempted into over-designing your resume either. Let your portfolio speak for you, and let your resume be a place to add context and information.

Additional Graphic Designer Resume Tips

  • A Few Samples – Particularly if you’re looking for freelance work, those reviewing your resume might want to know details like what your average turnaround time is, the client volume you’ve dealt with, the largest project you’ve taken on, and what you’ve done in response to time or financial constraints. All these can add a needed context to the portfolio materials.
  • Added Accolades – The experience provided in your resume accompanied by a solid portfolio will be what matters most. However, if you have participated in workshops through AIGA or have certifications in specific programs through their parent companies, these can provide additional support. The same goes for mentioning any organizations you may be a member of.
  • Bold Language – Graphic designers tend to work with words a bit more than their artist counterparts, so the resume can be an opportunity to show just what you can do. Verbs like “conceptualized,” “integrated,” and “revised” can help to put your experience into action.

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