Business Strategy Resume Samples

Analysis and ideas – that’s what keeps the economy going. The average business strategy analyst salary is as high as $90,000 or more, and while there are dozens of different jobs that go under the “business strategy” label, all jobs that are designed to determine the future of a business or organization are highly valued in today’s economy.

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What Are Business Strategy Jobs?

Business strategy is unlike any other role in the business world. It is:

  • Data Driven – Most business strategy jobs rely heavily on data.
  • Insight Focused – Business strategy jobs require significant insight.
  • Creative – Business strategy is one of the few positions that requires creative thinking.

Analysts and strategists are tasked with determining what their business, or any business, needs to do to be successful, as well as where the market is headed and how best to get there. These jobs are the future of business, and that is why they are one of the best careers for those that want to play a major role in the future of a company.

Becoming a Business Strategist

Every type of strategy and analysis job is going to have its own unique requirements. A social media strategist will require very different skills than a strategic planner, which in turn will require different skills from a fraud analyst, and so on.

But no matter what, you’ll want to have a business strategy resume that shares your experience with:

  • Tools and Techniques – Those that know how to work with software and known strategies are going to be more highly valued by companies.
  • Successful Projects – Generally, those with experience will have evidence of their success with numbers and data that shows their projects achieved growth (or savings).
  • Education – Education can be highly valued in the field – both on the job education, and education at leading colleges and Universities.

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