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Change starts with you. Working with charities and other non-profits can be immensely rewarding work, and allows you to take on a career that also does good in the world. These jobs are demanding, and the salary is, admittedly, not always as high as it deserves to be. But few types of jobs allow someone to go to work, and come home knowing they made a difference in the world.

Like any business, the world of non-profits needs people from top to bottom – from the volunteers to the executive directors. You may work with youth, religious institutions, the poor, the sick, and much more. No matter where you work or what position you decide to take, you can expect the job to involve the following skills and talents:

  • Efficient Work – Non-profits need their employees to perform well. Their survival often depends on it, which means those not able to put in the work may not be ready for the career.
  • Passion for the Project – Similarly, non-profits are looking for passionate people. Those that are not passionate about the company may not be ready for it.
  • Outreach – Within almost all non-profit careers, there are times when outreach may be necessary, and those that work there should expect to be spreading the word.

Non-profits need a specific type of person. With the average non-profit salary of between $0 (volunteer) and $65,000 (director), it’s also not one that attracts a lot of applicants. But because of its importance, those that want to work with a charity or non-profit need to build a resume and use a professional resume template that is capable of proving that you are worth their limited investment.

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  • Development Director Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Development directors are expected to find and manage funding sources for the employing organizations, usually NGOs. Their daily duties include administrative tasks, but also a lot of research and networking is involved, since the main money sources come from grants and fund-raising events. A Development director usually has at least a bachelor degree and a … Continued

  • Outreach Coordinator Resume Samples, Tips, and Template

    Outreach coordinators are expected to act as attraction points towards an organization for public attention, volunteer recruitment and fundraising events. Their role is to design and implement programs which present the organization in a positive light and are also in charge of promoting the organization’s events towards the intended audiences. Daily duties could also include … Continued

  • Pastor Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Pastors offer moral guidance, religious support and act as a guiding light for the people in their congregation. Although they should bring God’s word to the people, it is necessary that they take on a modern approach, in order to appeal to the young generation, which is in need of having moral anchors. Their daily … Continued

  • Chaplain Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Chaplains work in hospitals and offer moral and religious support to patients and family members in distress, as well as to medical staff. This role is highly emotional demanding, as they have to offer comfort, kind words and even hope to those facing illness, death or uncertain outcomes of medical treatments. A chaplain could be … Continued

  • Patient Advocate Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Patient Advocates are employed by hospitals, health care facilities or even NGOs to help patients understand their rights and duties, answer their questions and sometimes solve their issues. It all boils down to educating the patient and having the patient’s approval of procedures after being properly and correctly informed about what is going on, what … Continued

  • Fundraiser Resume Samples, Job Descriptions and Templates

    Fundraisers are responsible for convincing people that the causes they are fighting for are worth of receiving the money. They need to identify, to access and to manage funding resources, therefore daily tasks can include a lot of paperwork, but also networking is involved, since most consistent funding comes from wealthy individuals and CSR companies. … Continued

  • Community Health Worker Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Community health workers help people look after their health, especially during the reproductive age. Their target audience usually comes from poor or disadvantaged families, with no access to contraceptive methods. Their role is to support women to take good care of them before childbearing, during pregnancy and post-natal, to ensure a better chance for the … Continued

  • Pastor Resume Sample, Templates, and Tips

    There are many Pastor jobs available, however they will not come to you with out a well designed and built resume. This guide will help you learn about how to put together a resume that will get you hired. Pastor Resume Professional Summary Tips Working as a pastor involves a lot of work that is … Continued

  • Family Support Worker Resume

    Family support workers are the guardian angels of families in need, those affected by poverty, sometimes illiterate. They cater to single mothers (sometimes underage), abused or abandoned children or to families who have a disable child. This is a highly important job in a community and most of the times the support worker makes a … Continued

  • Hospital Volunteer Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Hospital Volunteers offer a human face to the medical services, performing administrative duties, small commissions and making all necessary efforts to help free doctors’ and nurses’ time. They can help in keeping the reception area clean and welcoming, meeting and greeting patients, helping them fill-out forms needed for checking in the hospital or during patient … Continued

  • Youth Program Resume Template

    As the development of children and youngsters is also done through non-formal and informal education, youth program coordinators are responsible for overseeing extra-curricular programs. As these are usually self-directed, a youth coordinator is supposed to have excellent planning and organization skills, which stretch from identifying the scope of the program, to renting locations, hiring people … Continued

  • Community Service Worker Resume Samples and Job Description

    Community service workers help people with disabilities or in difficult situations to take advantage of benefits, apply for jobs or get healthcare and access to different community services. The people they serve could be children or adults, usually from poor environments and with little education, unable to escape a vicious circle of drug use and … Continued

  • Nursing Home Volunteer Resume Samples and Job Description

    Nursing home volunteers help patients with daily chores and try to make their lives more pleasant by organizing activities, reading to them or helping them to get from one room to the other. The tasks can also be related to the administrative part, where the volunteers are asked to fill in different forms, organize archives, … Continued

  • Youth Leader Resume Samples and Job Description

    For young people to find a group they belong to, meet like-minded individuals and have a strong network of people they can trust is extremely important. A religious cult can provide all that and more, under the right leadership. The job of youth leaders is to be in charge of informal programs dedicated to children … Continued

  • Volunteer Resume Samples, Template and Tips

    Whether they’re paid or not, volunteering is a position that frequently requires a good resume. Even though volunteers are in short supply, these non profits and organizations depend on their volunteers to produce, and so they are looking for people with a passion, experience, intelligence, and the ability to put their energy into helping others. … Continued

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