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Charity/Non-Profit Job Info

Change starts with you. Working with charities and other non-profits can be immensely rewarding work, and allows you to take on a career that also does good in the world. These jobs are demanding, and the salary is, admittedly, not always as high as it deserves to be. But few types of jobs allow someone to go to work, and come home knowing they made a difference in the world.

Like any business, the world of non-profits needs people from top to bottom – from the volunteers to the executive directors. You may work with youth, religious institutions, the poor, the sick, and much more. No matter where you work or what position you decide to take, you can expect the job to involve the following skills and talents:

  • Efficient Work – Non-profits need their employees to perform well. Their survival often depends on it, which means those not able to put in the work may not be ready for the career.
  • Passion for the Project – Similarly, non-profits are looking for passionate people. Those that are not passionate about the company may not be ready for it.
  • Outreach – Within almost all non-profit careers, there are times when outreach may be necessary, and those that work there should expect to be spreading the word.

Non-profits need a specific type of person. With the average non-profit salary of between $0 (volunteer) and $65,000 (director), it’s also not one that attracts a lot of applicants. But because of its importance, those that want to work with a charity or non-profit need to build a resume and use a professional resume template that is capable of proving that you are worth their limited investment.

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