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For the hands on individual or the detailed planner, working in construction is one of the best ways to make the most out of your skillset. Construction is a hands on job that requires an understanding of tools, measurement, planning, organization, and so much more.

From the laborer that works directly with the materials to the architect that plans the entire building, construction jobs are there to create new structures, alter old buildings, and provide services that make a city grow.

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Finding the Construction Job For You

Working in construction and design is, for many, a lifelong career. Though some choose to use construction as a launching point for gaining work experience, many others work with construction and tools throughout their entire lives. That means that it is important to find a job that speaks to you – one with upward mobility, good benefits, and the ability to provide for you and your family.

But these jobs are not always easy to obtain, because they are often competitive. You’ll need to develop a resume that highlights all of the components that make you ready for the role, including:

  • Education – Training in electrical, plumbing, welding, and more, all are important for showing employers you’re ready to take on any task.
  • Hard Work – Resumes should show that you’re a hard worker. But they should not simply say “hard worker.” Show the employer with your achievements and experience.
  • Professionalism – There is a relaxed nature to construction jobs. Yet keep in mind that employers haven’t met you. Professionalism, including great spelling and grammar, a strong resume template, etc., will help show them you’ll be an asset.

Nearly all jobs in construction – even management – are going to be hands on, so you should prepare yourself of not only hard work, but also the enjoyment that comes from knowing that you’re creating something with your own hands.

  • Equipment Operator Resume Sample, Template and Job Description

    Equipment Operators with an extensive amount of experience performing various roles and duties are highly sought after due to their vast skill set and remarkable versatility. As such, they have the unique ability to take on most if not all projects required of them. A good Equipment Operator will strive to expand their skill set … Continued

  • Construction Project Manager Resume Samples, Templates and Tips

    A construction project manager can go by many names— General Contractor, Project Coordinator, Site Manager, Construction Superintendent — and yet the role is fundamentally the same throughout. Though they may not always swing the hammer themselves, the project manager supervises all the laborers to ensure that everything is on time and up to spec. Having … Continued

  • Electrician helper Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    An electrician helper’s main duties involve providing help to the electricians. Tasks might include preparing the materials that will be used, stocking supplies, labeling, and providing brute force when necessary. Cleaning tools and the work environment once the job is finished are also included. Although no formal training is necessary and most things are learned … Continued

  • Architect Resume Samples, Templates and Tips

    The business of architecture can be thought of by outsiders as bound to a drafting desk, drawing minute diagrams on blue or white papers. While this remains a basic component of the job, being able to sketch out plans is never the end. Seeing a construction project through demands oversight over a number of interconnected … Continued

  • Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    The dream job of young boys all across America, heavy equipment operators— also known as operating, hoisting, or portable engineers—are the ones who get to operate construction equipment for a living. From backhoes, to loaders, graders, dozers, excavators, derricks, plows, and salters, there a lot of possible wheels to get behind. Employers have to be … Continued

  • Construction Laborer Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Construction is a job that provides the satisfaction of knowing what you did each day without the years of schooling as a foundation. While it’s true that certain vocational skills like blueprint reading and welding can be useful additions to a construction resume, and that apprenticeship programs are available, a construction worker with the skills … Continued

  • General Contractor Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    General contractors have oversight over the construction of residential, commercial, industrial, or infrastructure building. Their primary role is to plan and schedule which of their subcontractors need to be where and for what stage of the building along with selecting the materials involved. Since the process itself entails managing small details and the personalities behind … Continued

  • Pipe Welder Resume Samples

    A pipe welder is a worker who has a great combination of skill, welding technique and can perform jobs with great accuracy, following a blueprint or indications from the engineer. As there is a wide range of available tools on the market to perform this job, you will need to be able to show your … Continued

  • Safety Specialist Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Safety specialists are the guardian angels of the other employees in a company, especially in high risk environments, like construction sites, oil extraction, plants and similar. Their duties include making sure all equipment is suitable for immediate use, checking that routine maintenance work has been performed according to specifications, taking care or repairs and replacements. … Continued

  • Lineman Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    A lineman‘s duties include installing and maintaining power lines and auxiliary materials, in compliance with safety and environmental regulations in force. This is a job that requires a detailed hands-on training, usually lasting from a few months for apprentices to a few years for a fully capable professional. A Lineman should have solid knowledge of … Continued

  • Facility Manager Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Facility Managers are responsible for activities related to the smooth running of all systems within a building, either for offices or residential. Depending on the terms of the contract, a Facility Manager can offer a wide range of services. The most basic include cleaning, perimeter security and facility maintenance, as well as fire and hazard … Continued

  • How To Write A Construction Worker Resume

    A Construction worker is a high demand job position and in order to get the best possible job its important you construct a perfect resume. You will need a resume that stands out to the construction hiring managers at a glance. Luckily will give you the tools for the job. Try building a beautiful … Continued

  • Building Superintendent Resume and Template

    Large residential and office spaces require dedicated personnel to conduct maintenance work, enforce regulations, make necessary replacements, collect rent and cater to the tenants’ needs. The building superintendent is the professional responsible with all these aspects and more, including checking safety equipments, coordinating the cleaning and security staff. This is a job fit for a … Continued

  • Concrete Worker Resume Template and Job Description

    Concrete is one of the most important building materials, universally used, from houses to skyscrapers to stairs and sidewalks. A concrete worker is responsible for preparing the working site, putting in place resistance structures, made from wire meshes tied together, mixing ingredients in different proportions to create concrete with a formula accordingly to the end … Continued

  • Electrical Foreman Resume, Template and Job Description

    An electrical foreman’s duties include supervising the team of electrical workers or linemen. This role is a senior and managerial one, the foreman has to divide work, perform quality checks and work reception and maintain good relations with the client. Most specialists filling this position have at least 7-10 years experience and have been promoted … Continued

  • Mason Resume Samples Template and Job Description

    The professionals responsible to make the architect’s plans to come to life are the simple masons. These are construction workers who build or repair walls, floors and resistance structures of edifices by laying bricks and stones, adding mortar or pouring concrete. The job description also includes building foundations and applying finishing touches to walls. This … Continued

  • Iron Worker Resume Template and Job Description

    Modern buildings rely on steel reinforcement to provide strength and structure. The iron worker (sometimes “ironworker”) is responsible for installing the steel beams, welding them together and performing other related tasks on the building site, while following strict safety regulations. Since this job implies using specific tools like arc welders and torches, the candidate needs … Continued

  • Architectural Drafter Sample Resume, Template and Tips

    Before it is constructed into a building, an architectural drafter needs to take the concept of a structure and put it to paper. If they make a mistake, the entire build can be compromised. It is a position that is crucial for the architectural world, which is why if you’re hoping to land a job … Continued

  • Carpenter Assistant Resume, Templates and Tips

    Becoming a carpenter assistant is an excellent way to begin in this field. You’ll receive on-the-job training, learn some unique lessons from the carpenter you work with, and receive a paycheck along the way. The carpenter assistant is a great position for growth, and plays an important role in most construction companies. However, before you … Continued

  • Drywall Installer Resume

    Dividing space in an effective way way inside an office building or even at home is sometimes challenging. Drywalls are a cheap and convenient solution to split space without burdening the structure and with the possibility of easy reconfiguration. The professional who can help you create new rooms or configurations is a drywall installer, a … Continued

  • Civil Foreman Sample Resume and Templates

    Civil foremen are responsible for managing construction crews as they build all kinds of different structures and facilities. Often, they also work directly with an engineer to design the project and play a role in the entire building process. Once the build begins, a civil foreman will handle everything from payroll to hiring/terminating employees to … Continued

  • Facilities Manager Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Facilities Managers are responsible for the security, maintenance, and serviceability of facilities at work sites to ensure that they meet the needs of the organization and its employees. Facilities Managers are employed in all sectors of public or private work, and they may perform their role in in office buildings, retail buildings, schools, hospitals or … Continued

  • Welder Resume Samples, Templates and Tips

    A blue-collar job where a little training can take you a long way, welding can be an excellent career in terms of long-term stability. However, with the hazards involved in the workplace, employers need to bring in a certain kind of candidate. Whether you’re just starting out an apprenticeship or are working as a journeyman, … Continued

  • Building Contractor Resume Samples

    Construction and renovation sites require a firm hand to manage all aspects related to planning, budgeting, progress and managing the relationship with authorities. The building contractor is the professional responsible with all these aspects and much more, like worker management, handling supplies and making sure invoices and salaries are paid on time. This is a … Continued

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