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In tech-heavy companies, the IT director may be distinct from the CIO or CTO, but in other institutions, the role can be functionally the same. IT directors make the calls as far as what technologies— hardware, software, and electronics— an organization needs for peak operation. Beyond the years of required experience with tech, a plus IT director resume is able to address all the management and administration needs that go with the job title.

Tips for IT Director Resumes

Working With Teams

A supervisory role that can even sit on the board of directors in some organizations, the IT director is prioritizes and delegates task lists for the various administrators and engineers who work beneath them. While you may not have held this level of responsibility previously, it’s important to demonstrate that you can handle leadership roles, motivate workers, and communicate efficiently with those involved. Write your resume with these factors in mind.

Sticking to a Budget

The IT director is often the one establishing a budget for technology expenditures within an organization. Additionally, they can take point in the negotiations with suppliers and vendors, attempting to get the best deal available. Thus, basic accounting and bargaining abilities ought to be part of the core skills an IT director presents on their resume, along with good judgment to make the ideal use of them.

IT Accomplishments

If you have become a candidate for the director of IT, usually that means you have a long list of accomplishments. Find the best accomplishments with the following guidelines: They should integrate hard data whenever possible, they should show a range of experiences and abilities, and above all else they should clearly indicate why you are right for the job.

IT Director Resume Samples

For those applying to be a director, it helps to see the resumes that are currently available for reference. Here are several samples to help you begin.


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IT Director Resume

Online Resume Builders also has templates available that are clean and professional, to help give you a great starting point from which to design your own resume.

Additional IT Director Resume Tips

  • Maintaining Certifications – Outside of the base eight to ten years of experience, some institutions only require a bachelor’s in a related field, but others will demand as much as a master’s or MBA in IT management. Mentioning any and all relevant certifications through Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and CompTIA can separate your resume from the pack.
  • Deployment Strategies – Every good IT director likes to think that they’ve accounted for all the variables going in, but in practice, technology is notoriously fussy. Use your resume to talk about roadblocks you’ve encountered in the past and how you worked around them and you’ll look like an able problem solver.

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