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Education, as an industry, is one of the few that is both fulfilling and long lasting. There are many that spend their entire lives as teachers, shaping those young and old and loving every minute of it. It’s not easy. Indeed, those that work in education have some of the most difficult jobs in the world. But education provides what many difficult jobs do not – a chance to make a difference in people’s lives.

Teaching is often so fulfilling that jobs do not open up that often in the field, as most teachers are loyal to their institutions. So when one does open, it is in your best interests to create an education resume that will make an impact, using a template and a style that proves your readiness.

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The Needs of Those in Education

The average pre-school teacher salary is $28,000. The average high school teacher makes $55,000. The average director of education salary is $60,000 or more. Every position pays differently and comes with different perks, but all have many themes in common:

  • The value of your own education.
  • The ability to reach a classroom.
  • The experience to create curricula.
  • The knowledge to handle all types of students and cultures.

Even those that work in admissions, counseling, and tutoring still need to be able to show these skills in their skillset – not only on the resume, but in the job itself. Yet applicants that are willing to put in the work will find that they are embarking on a career with very real meaning and the ability to change the future.

  • Financial Counselor Resume Sample and Template

    Financial education is the route to wise money related decisions, small or inexistent debt and diligent expense management. The role of a financial counselor is to help people manage their cash flows, select the best insurance policies for their situation, plan their retirement and repay in due time any loans or manage mortgages. This job … Continued

  • Art Teacher Resume, Templates, Samples and Job Description

    Whether your passion is teaching or you’re trying to find a new way to think about your own creative work, art instruction can be a rewarding field to work in. From the sculpture to painting and even beyond into 2D and 3D computer graphics, there are many ways an art teacher can help their students … Continued

  • Elementary School Teacher Resume Samples, Templates, and Tips

    Building the educational foundation that will last their student’s lives, elementary school teachers have a vital role to play. In addition to the old “three Rs” — reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic — there’s another responsibility that covers everything from designing lesson plans and grading homework to ensuring that a child develops the right skills and … Continued

  • Special Education Teacher Resume Template, Sample and Job Description

    If a unique individual is needed to weather the challenges of education, then an even rarer soul is required to manage the demands of special education. Adapting generalized plans for those with extraordinary experiences of the world, the special ed teacher has had a distinctive training and life experience that prepares them to work with … Continued

  • How To Write A Substitute Teacher Resume

    With the current state of public education being what it is, no school district can afford to have too few substitutes around, particularly in the challenging winter months. Nevertheless, as a job that pays per diem and leaves one on call in the mornings, it’s important to bring abilities that keep schools coming back to … Continued

  • Teacher Resume Samples, Tips and Templates and Job Descriptions

    It is said so often it has become cliché, but teachers really are tasked with shaping the future. Every single person that has found success in life can point back to some teacher or moment in their educational career that pointed them in the right direction, and while not every student you have may remember … Continued

  • Tutor Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    Both children and adults depend on a tutor for personalized education. Tutors are critical for math, science, music, and more, and are becoming even more common as some educational styles (such as common core) become too confusing for parents and other adults. Whether you’re applying to work with a specific family, or you’re applying to … Continued

  • Preschool Teacher Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    The role of preschool teacher is to help facilitate a transition from children being in their home environments to being in school. As a result, the job can be a balancing act. You have to have energy to keep up, but also demonstrate patience in allowing children to learn at their own pace, all the … Continued

  • Driving Instructor Resume

    A driving instructor’s main duties are to teach their students road safety, laws and penalties and, of course, how to safely maneuver vehicles from the category of their choice. Most people choose to drive cars, but there are specialized instructors for vans, trucks and motorcycles. It goes without saying that you should be a great … Continued

  • Early Childhood Assistant Resume Samples

    Small children are extremely demanding and are not used yet to the rigors of a classroom and listening to a teacher. Early childhood assistants work in pre-schools and kindergartens and help teachers prepare lessons, engage shyer children in activities or offer support to prepare materials. This is job suitable for those who aim to become … Continued

  • Autism Teacher Resume

    The autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or shortly autism is a type of disability that affects all aspects of life for the suffering person. This is inborn, so it begins to manifest during childhood, impairing normal development of the child, including learning abilities, social skills and sometimes has an effect on simple everyday tasks. To help … Continued

  • Art Director Resume Samples and Tips

    Being an art director can be tricky business in that, even beyond all the different fields that they’re employed in, few directing positions are going to be alike in their expectations for your output. While your portfolio will ultimately be what sells them on your talents, hiring managers use resumes as checkpoints and are unlikely … Continued

  • Admissions Officer Resume and Templates

    Being admitted to college is one of the most important accomplishments in a young adult’s life and the person who is responsible for guiding candidates is an admission officer. The duties of such a professional include promoting the image and culture of the organization, helping through the process, evaluating applications and recruiting volunteers and temporary … Continued

  • Teaching Assistant Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    Apprentices to the more experienced educators, teaching assistants, instructional aides, and para-educators gain vital experience in their trade while enabling the students under their care to get individualized attention. While a few years of college is often as much as is required to apply, much of what makes a good teacher assistant candidate comes off … Continued

  • College Tutor Resume Samples and Job Description

    College tutors complete the work of the professor by helping students understand the academic content better, offering more exercises for them to practice before an exam and being ready to answer any question. This job is usually held by doctoral or post-doc students training to be university lecturers and is considered to be the first … Continued

  • Academic Counselor Resume, Template and Job Description

    The adolescence years are sometimes difficult and remaining on the right educational path is a challenge for some students. The role of the academic counselors is to help them identify their strengths, overcome obstacles, battle addictions or surpass some problems related to the family environment or help them grow their native talents. An academic counselor … Continued

  • Martial Arts Instructor Resume, Template and Job Description

    Martial arts instructors are a mix between fight instructors and spiritual gurus. Their job is to teach self defense techniques based on a great physical condition as well as the mental equilibrium techniques that help the client judge if force is the answer. This is a challenging role requiring years of training and experience as … Continued

  • Curriculum Specialist Resume, Template and Job Description

    Continuous education requires professionals ready to design materials to be used by trainers during courses aimed for adults or for informal education of youngsters. The curriculum specialists are knowledgeable in their area of expertise and are able to design sessions or lessons in that domain, such as using a computer, photography or even cooking. As … Continued

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