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“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” ~Scott Adams

Engineers are the magicians of the business world. They create something from nothing, and analyze flaws and bugs until they have achieved perfection. There are dozens of different types of engineers – from the mechanical engineer working on the world’s largest airplanes to the test engineer debugging the world’s smallest integrated circuits, engineers are a key cog in the world’s most successful businesses.

Those that embark on a career in engineering rarely do so on a whim. They spend countless hours studying in their respective field, everything from:

  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Engines
  • Buildings
  • Minerals and More

They go to work in aerospace, nuclear science, appliances, software, and so much more, and they are frequently data oriented individuals whose resumes are filled with examples of their work.

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Those that want to find frequent employment in high paying careers often go to work as engineers, and while there are massive differences between engineering professions, the right engineer resume and template will always help you find employment with the world’s best businesses. Find your engineering job below for more information about the resumes and templates you should create.

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  • Quality Control Analyst Resume Template and Job Description

    Quality control makes the difference between a successful business and a mediocre one, especially when it comes to manufacturing units. The quality control analyst is a professional responsible for checking the technical documentation and ensuring that the products leaving towards the clients meet them in the smallest features. This is a good career for detail … Continued

  • Chemical Engineer Resume Template and Job Description

    Chemical engineers are responsible for directing work in production facilities focused on making plastics out of petrol, salt based products or even nano-materials. This is a job requiring good safety compliance, as the work environment is highly dangerous and involves the use of dangerous substances, some corrosive or even explosive. The job is fit for … Continued

  • HVAC Technician Resume Samples and Job Description

    HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. A HVAC technician will be responsible for installing, servicing and maintaining a wide range of home and industrial equipments like AC, refrigerators, heaters, boilers, as well as cold rooms and refrigerated vans. The work can be routine or emergency service; therefore you can expect to … Continued

  • Electrical Engineer Resume Samples, Templates, and Job Descriptions

    Are you looking to write an Electrical Engineering Resume but don’t now where to start. We compiled a guide samples, tips and templates to show you everything you will need and more! Electrical Engineering Professional Summary Tips The Professional Summary gives a summary of each of the resume’s following sections. It refers to work in … Continued

  • Biomedical Engineer Resume Samples and Job Description

    Medicine meets technology through the work of biomedical engineers, high-end specialists who are responsible for creating life-saving innovation. Their work includes anything from new medical devices to growing artificial tissue and creating nano-technology that repairs the human body from the inside. Biomedical engineers are graduates of a bachelor degree in life sciences, medical technology or … Continued

  • Aerospace Engineer Resume, Templates and Job Descriptions

    As an industry, aerospace is at a crossroads. While there remains a strong and necessary push to make more efficient designs for planes, missiles, satellites, and spacecraft, the industry itself has been shrinking, meaning that companies and organizations are becoming much more selective about who they decide to hire. To get into such a selective … Continued

  • Agricultural Engineer Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    While people continue to flock to urban centers, the role of the agricultural engineer in developing efficient uses of land is becoming more vital. Agricultural engineers do a lot of work in the field, trying to determine the best use of resources.  Yet, the industry isn’t expected to expand much in the coming decades and … Continued

  • Network Engineer Resume Templates, Samples and Job Descriptions

    A network engineer can go by many names — network support, network architect, network administrator, IT systems or security engineer. Whatever you call them, the duties are similar: Making sure that a network is reliable, secure, and up to data. Since lost network time can quickly translate to lost income, hiring managers are going to … Continued

  • CAD Engineer Resume Samples

    In the 1970’s the introduction of computer aided graphics (CAD) in engineering fields changed completely the way blueprints and sketches were created. The huge drawing boards were replaced with a mouse and keyboard or sometimes, a graphical tablet. The professionals who turn specs and sketches into detailed, manufacturing ready, scale drawings, are the CAD engineers. … Continued

  • Computer Hardware Engineer Resume

    Moore’s law states that technology becomes twice as good every two years. The people who can make this happen and help us upgrade our devices to keep up with the trends or at least with the Joneses are the computer hardware engineers. To become a computer hardware engineer, you can be a tech geek who … Continued

  • Manufacturing Engineer Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Though they may have training in electrical, mechanical, materials, or other forms of engineering, the urge to tinker helps drive manufacturing engineers to look into the production methods themselves for areas of potential improvement. A great career that is highly valued by companies, when you apply to a job as a manufacturing engineer, you need … Continued

  • Project Engineer Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    Straddling a distinction between engineering and overall project management, there is the project engineer. The title itself stretches across professions, from those designing machines to those in construction, but the principles remain the same throughout. Project engineers that want to find employment is some of the world’s leading companies need to make sure they take … Continued

  • Mechanical Engineer Resume Samples, Tips and Templates

    A degree in mechanical engineering can open many doors. The question is which one to enter. As a more general engineering degree, mechanical engineering can prepare you for many possible work situations, but without the right internships and other hands-on work, your desired field may remain off limits. Both new graduates and more experienced engineers … Continued

  • Data Engineer Resume

    We live in a world governed by data, yet the primary sources always offer raw data that needs cleaning, shaping and sorting before it can be put in models and used to produce forecasts. The job of data engineers is to clean, organize and optimize data before it is passed on to other specialists, such … Continued

  • Quality Engineer Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    When buying any product or using any item we expect it to be flawless, run smoothly or be safe and act according to specifications. The person responsible for this to happen is the quality engineer, a professional trained in detecting mistakes, analyzing their causes and ensuring that only 100% quality rolls out the factory’s gates. … Continued

  • Engineering Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    One of the most sought after careers is that of an engineer. Highly skilled engineers are valued by all types of companies, each one looking for individuals that can solve problems and develop ideas that will help their company grow. But this creates two challenges for the engineering job seeker. The first challenge is that … Continued

  • Automation Engineers Resume

    The demand for qualified personnel in robotics, production and manufacturing is on the rise, as automated systems are expected to replace more and more existing jobs. The creators of these systems are generally called automation engineers, a title which designates a specialist who can build robots, program microcontrollers or just troubleshoot existing machinery. To become … Continued

  • Hydraulic Engineer Resume Template and Sample

    Water is one of the most powerful forces on Earth and harnessing its power could be one of the ways of producing energy. Hydraulic engineers are well-versed in all aspects related to containing water, using its power by employing fluid mechanics knowledge or working towards relocating it for building purposes, without destroying natural habitats. This … Continued

  • Metallurgist Resume Samples

    People have been using metals to enhance their work and life for the past 7000 years, and the quest for better alloys and materials doesn’t stop here. Metallurgists come in different specializations, like chemical metallurgists who deal with the extraction, physical metallurgists responsible for the structure of the materials and process metallurgists who deal with … Continued

  • Manual QA Tester Resume

    The best test for any software piece is to be experienced in actual use conditions. The manual QA tester’s job is to act as the average end user and try to find hidden flaws or difficult parts in the program. They are supposed to imagine test scenarios, develop cases, and go through those steps, documenting … Continued

  • Plant Manager Resume Samples and Templates

    The plant managers’ duties ensure that the production processes run smoothly, efficiently and as cost effective as possible, by eliminating waiting time and reducing errors as much as possible. The job calls for an energetic individual, with good leadership skills and able to plan and communicate with the workers in order to meat production goals … Continued

  • Software Engineer Resume Samples,Templates, and Tips

    As the world starts to rely more and more on computers and software, so too do companies rely on qualified and talented software engineers. Operating at a more conceptual level than that of the programmer, the software engineer has to be attuned to both the capacities of existing software and how they are compatible or … Continued

  • Bridge Engineer Resume Template and Job Description

    Civil engineering is usually divided in more branches, as an intense specialization is needed for quality results. Bridge engineers focus on designing supporting structures for highways or railroads. They are in charge of the project, the worker teams and the implementation of the project with minimal impact on surrounding areas. This is a high risk, … Continued

  • Board Design Engineer Resume Template and Job Description

    Circuit boards are used in everything from smartphones to hair dryers, from cars to rockets; therefore a circuit board design engineer is a specialist who can find work in a lot of different settings, designing the “brains” of gadgets, either digital or analogue. Since the need for such professionals is on the rise, this is … Continued

  • Automotive Engineer Resume Template and Job Description

    Cars and other vehicles are designed, built and upgraded by automotive engineers. These are professionals passionate by creating better engines, more aerodynamic bodies or better chassis and they have excellent knowledge about physics, especially mechanics, hydraulics and most of the times an interest on ergonomic design or, on the contrary, a nostalgia for vintage techniques. … Continued

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