Fashion Job Info

There are many people out there that are passionate about fashion. But being able to work in the field – for many, that is a dream come true.

Jobs in fashion and beauty are certainly not easy. From the moment you decide to pursue that type of career, you have to commit to years of training (cosmetologists require 4 times more training than police officers), an understanding of aesthetics and design, outstanding customer service, and a mix of both artistic and businesses talents.

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Embarking on a Career on Beauty and Fashion

Whether you are interested in starting on a career in fashion or you have already worked in the field and are considering new employment, it is always a good idea to get a better understanding of each position and making sure both your resume (including the template) and your job history are ready for the road ahead. Depending on the job, you may need to have on hand (or benefit from):

  • Samples and a portfolio of your work.
  • Online presence, including an active Instagram.
  • Proof of commitment to the field, including extra classes and education.

Your history of working in fashion and beauty is going to play a big role in your ability to get the job, but many employers in the fashion world prefer to hire those that show that they are ready for the work ahead, by viewing past works, receiving recommendations from experts, and much more.

Yet if you are truly ready to work in fashion, the career itself can be very rewarding. Salaries for fashion buyers can be anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 or more, and while cosmetologists and estheticians tend to make in the low 30s, many careers have significant upward growth potential.

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