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Every business, organization, and entity needs someone working in financial services in some capacity. Money and capital are what help businesses operate. They need someone to either come on staff or consult with them in order to provide many different services, including – but not limited to:

  • Investments and Financial Planning
  • Projections and Market Analysis
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Lending and Underwriting

Those that appreciate working with money and finances can go into any number of careers. They can be stock brokers, mortgage specialists, financial planners, equity associates, and much more. Yet it’s also a career where finding the right employer is critical to both your financial success, and your long term satisfaction.

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Financial Service Resumes

Below, you’ll find information about the resumes, resume samples, and resume template ideas for a variety of jobs in the financial services world. If you want to break into a career in the field, or you have been working in financial services and are applying for a new role, review the information below or sign up with Online Resume Builders today to create a financial services resume that makes an impact.

  • Financial Aid Advisor Resume Template and Job Description

    Money is sometimes a serious barrier in the educational process and students or even their families don’t always have the necessary knowledge to overcome the burden. The financial aid advisors are college employees that have the financial knowledge necessary to help applicants find the right combination of funding to get them through school and be … Continued

  • Portfolio Manager Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    A good portfolio manager will make investment recommendations based on sound and complete analysis of the market trends, taking into account past performance and future growth opportunities and threats. This job means being part of a larger team, including financial analysts, accountants and legal advisors, therefore being a lonely wolf (even of Wall Street) doesn’t … Continued

  • Junior Financial Analyst Resume Template and Job Description

    The main role of a junior financial analyst is to offer support to the financial department in taking sound decisions for the future of the organization, based on hard facts and detailed analysis. The daily duties include looking at accounts, reviewing vendor reports, contractual terms, prices and market oscillations. Thorough understanding of financial and accounting … Continued

  • Private Equity Associate Resume Template and Job Description

    Stock investments are usually not done before proper analysis of the company’s situation. The private equity associate is a financial specialist able to determine present and future stock values, anticipate market fluctuations and build a portfolio for the organization looking to invest money in other corporations. This job is usually found in hedge funds, private … Continued

  • Tax Director Resume Samples and Job Description

    Companies can be faced with important financial and image damages if they fail to comply with en force tax regulations. In order to avoid this kind of problems that can have a severe impact on stock prices and reputation, companies use the knowhow of tax directors who are finance professionals with a solid background in … Continued

  • Equity Trader Resume Template and Job Description

    The corporate equivalent of a stock broker is the equity trader, a financial professional trained in evaluating, buying and selling stocks at companies that are publicly listed on the stock exchange. This job calls for detailed knowledge about company valuations, as well as different financial products such as futures, derivatives, bonds and forex. An equity … Continued

  • Finance Director Resume Samples and Job Description

    The finance director stands in the top management team, works directly with the CEO and is responsible for taking the right decisions related to budgets, spending and long term money planning. This is a senior position requiring experience, business acumen, market analysis skills and strategic planning knowledge. A good finance director is responsible for keeping … Continued

  • Credit Analyst Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    From the name alone, you may think that a Credit Analysis would be only responsible for credit-related tasks. While this is a big part of it, a successful Credit Analysis also needs to be very familiar with various business and financial operations within the company. As such, a Credit Analyst is typically skilled in matters … Continued

  • Banker Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Technically, a “banker” can be anyone that works within a banking or related financial institution, although the term typically applies to those in mid-to-high level positions above tellers, clerks, and customer service representatives. Working directly with money, few banker resumes will get a second look if their details aren’t in the proper order and conveying … Continued

  • Loan Processor Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    One of the standard names for the position is “loan processor,” although the terms “loan interviewer” or “loan clerk” is a bit more suggestive of what the role is. Processors are the middlemen between originators and underwriters, making sure that the numeric data is in order before a contract is drafted. The work of processors … Continued

  • Senior Financial Analyst Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Financial analysis is a challenging profession to get into, being both rewarding and highly demanding of those wanting to make their mark. To rise to the position of senior financial analyst, a candidate not only has to establish a track record of surviving the pressure, good judgment intact, they have to show the capacity to … Continued

  • Chief Financial Officer Resume

    Increased business specialization has led to the situation where the financial problems and risks of an organization are no longer the responsibility of the CEO, but have a manager of their own, in the person of the CFO. In some hierarchical and older organization we can find the same attributes given to the financial director. … Continued

  • Claims Processor Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    A claims processor is an insurance clerk who is responsible for processing reimbursement claims, modifying terms of existing policies and maintaining the details of clients up to date. The job is usually uncomplicated, repetitive and requires following clear patterns and guidelines, but with great accuracy and attention to detail. These clerks are the ones who … Continued

  • Financial Controller Resume Samples and Tips

    In an increasingly complex financial global environment, it becomes a necessity for all sizes of businesses to have a financial controller. Accountability, security and privacy have become synonymous with operating a modern-day venture, and a qualified financial controller can provide this stability to a company. With global financial uncertainty and volatile markets over the past … Continued

  • Investment Banking Analyst Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    Investment Banking Analysts are responsible for managing their clients’ portfolios, in order to find the best solutions for generating profit and generating more money from the initial investment of the client. Their role implies analyzing trends, making forecasts and designing systems and mathematical models which predict the outcome of buying or selling certain stocks. This … Continued

  • Finance Intern Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    The main role of a finance intern is to act as an assistant in various departments, helping professionals perform their daily duties and learning more about the jobs they could have after graduation. Usually an intern goes through several departments during his/her internship such that, at the end of the program, if he or she … Continued

  • Finance Analyst Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    The main role of a finance analyst is to make recommendations for future economic and financial directions based on a complete analysis of existing data. This implies setting prices based on market demand, performing cost analysis and making cost cutting recommendations, monitoring actual results and comparing them with predicted outcomes. A good finance analyst is … Continued

  • Financial Customer Service Representative Resume

    The financial products market is extremely diverse and requires dedicated staff to assist clients in making a purchasing decision. This is the duty of the financial customer service representatives, who are responsible for educating clients, guiding them in selecting the right products for their needs and keeping an eye on the market trends. The job … Continued

  • Mortgage Underwriter Resume Samples, Template and Job Descriptions

    A mortgage underwriter is a trained finance professional who is expected to analyze all the aspects related to the approval of a mortgage file, from putting together all the pieces, by following strict procedures, computing the loan scores and comparing them with regulations. This includes assessing the potential borrowers’ financial status, by checking past records, … Continued

  • Mortgage Processor Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    A mortgage processor is a trained finance professional whose role is to provide support to loan officers, underwriters during the process of mortgage file approval. Duties include checking the content of the file, making sure it includes all necessary pieces, such as income statements, tax returns and other necessary paper work, according to federal guidelines. … Continued

  • Financial Advisor Resume Samples and Job Description

    Financial advisers are responsible for the finances of countless individuals and businesses. That means that they have an immense responsibility. Whether you’re applying to a firm or working independently, you need to be able to prove that you have the skills to stay in it for the long haul. An excellent resume is the quickest … Continued

  • Assistant Underwriter Sample Resume, Templates and Job Descriptions

    An underwriter is someone who evaluates a customer’s eligibility for something like an insurance policy, a mortgage, or almost any type of loan. Assistant underwriters usually help with this task by providing clerical support and doing research. They often create the actual quote letters as well. Being an assistant underwriter is usually a step toward … Continued

  • Auto Claims Adjuster Sample Resume, Templates and Job Descriptions

    The work of an auto-claim adjuster is a tireless one. You have to have an attention to detail, a knowledge of automobiles, insurance, and finance, and the ability to negotiate and discuss with others. It is crucial to the day to day of insurance agencies, which is why those that are applying for the position … Continued

  • Auto Finance Manager Sample Resume

    One of the most important roles at an automotive dealership is the finance manager. Also known as a finance and insurance manager (F&I), these professionals are advocates for both the client and the dealership, looking for ways to help make sure that every individual is able to drive off in their chosen car. When you … Continued

  • Equity Research Analyst Resume

    Whenever a company wants to invest in another one or is thinking about a merger or acquisition they require the services and expertise of an equity research analyst to determine present and future value of their potential investment. These specialists can also work for individuals interested to buy stocks, bonds or other instruments such as … Continued

  • Financial Planner Resume

    Most people have difficulties when it comes to handling their money and making wise decisions regarding debt repayment, preparing for retirement or simply taking advantage of tax exemptions. The role of a financial planner is to help individuals and corporations manage their money to make full use of either income or revenues. A financial planner … Continued

  • Financial Secretary Resume Sample

    Financial secretaries are in charge of money operations and bank accounts of charitable organizations and churches. This job includes duties such as paying bills, receiving donations, collecting payments from contributors, making bank deposits, keeping records and producing reports related to the way money was spent either on utilities or on charity. This is a good … Continued

  • Commodity Trader Resume

    Financial products are not the only options for investors and speculators. A wide market is represented by commodity trading, where the subject of the contract can be oil, coffee, tea, grain, sugar or precious metals like silver and gold. A commodity trader is a special kind of broker who works on international markets on behalf … Continued

  • Forex Trader Resume Samples

    Some of the best ways to speculate the currency exchange market is to buy and sell, attempting to make profit based on the difference of currency rates. This is the job of foreign exchange traders, or forex traders. If you prefer jargon, FX trading will do. Then need to have a clear understanding of how … Continued

  • Hedge Fund Analyst Resume

    Hedge funds are complex financial constructions that are considered to have high risks and produce high yields, if the managers know how to harness losses. The hedge fund analyst is a top financial professional who is highly experienced in risk assessment and risk mitigation. This job requires complete understanding of very complex financial instruments, market … Continued

  • Product Controller Resume Sample

    Since financial institutions have a lot of different products, in order to assess their performance, they came up with the role of product controller, a professional responsible for independently measuring the profit and loss (P&L) for each type of product or line of products. This is a way to maintain the organization’s integrity and it … Continued

  • Tax Consultant Resume Samples

    People are intimidated by the perspective of filing the taxes on their own. Most of them go to a tax consultant for two reasons: peace of mind and the hope of saving some money by taking advantage of some exemptions they are not aware of. Some clients also ask their tax consultants to act as … Continued

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