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For many, a job in both sports and fitness is one that provides both a steady paycheck and the ability to make money doing something you enjoy – in some cases, something that makes you healthier as well.

From personal trainer to dietician to yoga teacher, the roles for those working in health and fitness are vast. But they all have many qualities in common:

  • They are service positions with a customer service element.
  • They require a commitment to fitness and knowledge of wellness and athletics.
  • They can be very fun, but also require professionalism and class.

Fitness jobs are also in extremely high demand. The average employer receives dozens of fitness job resumes for each open position, because even though the pay is not always as high as other private sector jobs (the average health and fitness salary is about $35,000 per year), the ability to have fun and be involved in sports for a job is unlike any other position out there.

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Fitness Resumes and Fitness Templates

It is because these positions are in high demand that it becomes critical to take the time to craft a resume and cover letter that will be impactful for the position.

Fitness resumes should be professional and focus on your best features, not just your love of the sport. They should be placed in an easy to use, easy to understand resume template that is attractive to the eye but doesn’t distract from the content. They should also highlight only your most effective job history.

For example, if applying to be a personal trainer, the work you’ve done in personal training is almost always more valuable than work you’ve had further in the past, such as working in a restaurant.

Below you can find information about resumes for every type of fitness job, as well as more details about what the positions entail.

  • Fitness Coach Resume Samples and Templates

    Making the commitment to follow an exercise routine is usually hard due to lack of time, motivation or other priorities. A fitness coach’s job is not only to show you the right way to perform certain exercises or to design a program for your needs, but to keep you on track mentally to achieve your … Continued

  • Referee Resume Samples and Templates

    Fair play is not always leading game play, either among high school teams or during major play-offs. In this situation, is the job of a referee to ensure rules are followed, players are polite to each other and that any misdirected brute force is eliminated from the field. You are the rule keeper and guardian … Continued

  • Swimming Instructor Resume Samples and Templates

    Swimming is one of the basic life skills that could help you greatly in a dangerous situation or just be a wonderful pastime and sport. Most people need guidance to learn to keep their balance and breath correctly in water, therefore the job of a swimming instructor is to explain different types of strokes, keeping … Continued

  • Certified Personal Trainer Resume Samples and Templates

    Finding the motivation to pursue fitness goals is sometimes hard when other priorities like a job or family life take the first places. That is why a certified personal trainer can help you define your goals, break them into small bits and design a personal program to help you achieve them. More importantly, a certified … Continued

  • Sports Agent Resume Samples and Job Description

    Sports agents are the masterminds behind the careers of successful athletes and professional sport players. They are in charge of the managing the contracts, attracting positive publicity, getting their clients lucrative relationships and keeping all their financial affairs in order. Their job is making sure the athlete has enough work and enough money, so that … Continued

  • Ski Instructor Resume Samples and Job Description

    A seasonal job with great responsibility and satisfactions is that of a ski instructor. Usual candidates for this role are former competitors, but also rangers and great outdoor lovers. The position requires to be certified in teaching different techniques, adapted to the student’s age and skill level and most applicants also double as snowboard instructors. … Continued

  • Pilates Instructor Resume Samples and Job Description

    Pilates is a type of workout derived from yoga principles that combines the physical movement with spiritual awareness and nutritional balance in the attempt to make the body function properly. A Pilates instructor is more than a simple fitness coach, they are also spiritual guides for their students which can be all ages, from children … Continued

  • Fitness Center Manager Resume Samples and Job Description

    Fitness centers are places of health improvement and relaxation for clients and they should fill the patrons with energy, vitality and joy. Therefore the role of the fitness center manager is to ensure nothing is missing in terms of equipment, supplies and that the personnel has been properly trained to offer a pleasant and professional … Continued

  • Yoga Instructor Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    A Yoga Instructor leads students through yoga exercises, a complementary and alternative medicine that helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga Instructors help guide students in yoga through a variety of postures and breathing exercises. They may work in a group setting class or one-on-one. As they teach, Yoga Instructors provide hands-on direction to make … Continued

  • Fitness Instructor Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Fitness Instructors (or sometimes “Fitness Leaders”) lead, instruct, and motivate groups or individuals in exercise activities. These might include cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching. Both group and individual Fitness Instructors often plan or choreograph their own classes. They first choose appropriate music, then create a routine or a set of moves for their class … Continued

  • Athletic Trainer Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Athletic Trainers work directly with athletes to prevent injuries before games (such as taping or bracing people), evaluate injuries, and give emergency care or first aid. If long-term injuries occur, they also create rehabilitation plans and review them with athletes before recording patient injury, healing, and recovery. They will further reporting to a licensed physician … Continued

  • Soccer Coach Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Soccer coaches are responsible for instructing individual players as well as the team in strategies, physical endurance and game play in order to ensure they act as one entity and win the game. They need to have good knowledge about physical education, physiology and sport recovery, motivation, team work and group psychology. A soccer coach … Continued

  • Basketball Coach Resume Samples, Tips and Templates

    While a basketball coach needs to know all the ins and outs of the sport from the fundamentals to the more intrinsic nuances, often overlooked are the coach’s intangible traits. You have to work with many different kinds of people and formulate a strategy that effectively brings all your players together to create a healthy … Continued

  • Personal Trainer Resume Samples, Tips, and Template

    Many people today are stepping beyond a simple regiment of “diet and exercise” to address their own health; many people are hiring personal fitness trainers to help achieve their fitness goals. The reasons vary why an individual might hire a personal trainer. Perhaps they desire a more individualized program to suit their specific body type. … Continued

  • Football Coach Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    In addition to training a team in plays, schemes, and strategies, an effective coach (in any sport) is a person who can wear the right hat for any situation. They must be able to gauge personal ability and use interpersonal skills to properly train and motivate their players. They must be ready to both promote … Continued

  • Athletic Director Resume Samples, Templates and Job Descriptions

    Athletic directors are liable for maintaining the sport centers’ performance in educational units such as high-schools, colleges or universities. Their role is both a management one, keeping a close eye on the budget, scholarships and events agenda combined with a growth perspective of both the coach base and the team members. An athletic director should … Continued

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