Food Service

Food Service Job Info

Everyone needs to eat. As more and more jobs become automated, food services will always have an important in-person role. From the chef that needs to use their senses to cook the perfect meal, to the those that work in food processing that puts groceries on stores around the country, food service will always remain a popular industry and one that is always on the market for new talent.

Working in Food Service

Some food service jobs rely primarily on tips. Others are about food preparation, or in selling food and groceries to others. Many more involve management, or working behind the scenes to make sure that the dishes are clean and the shelves are stocked.

But no matter the position, there are elements that are important in each:

  • Customer Service – Food service is a customer service job, even if you never see customers. An understanding of customer service is critical.
  • Process Oriented Work – Every job, from cook to dishwasher to restaurant manager, has processes in place that need to be adhered to.
  • Commitment to Food Service – The food service world is not at all like other types of industries. You have to know and be passionate for food, and understand things like safety, preservation, and taste.

Indeed, while many people use food service as a way to vault other sorts of careers, many others find that they are happy to work in food services for decades. The industry is so vast, it’s no wonder that so many people seek out jobs working in restaurants, food packaging, and more.

For those that are considering a career in food services, look below for the specific job you’ll be applying to, and to see the resumes and templates that would work best to get the job you want.