Meat Cutter Resume Samples Template and Job Description

Meat is a main ingredient for many dishes and the professional making sure you get just the right cut is the meat cutter. This is a role for an individual with good stamina and dexterity, who in not afraid to get their hands dirty and is able to work for a long time standing, doing a lot of physical work; cutting chops is not easy.

Those aiming to become meat cutters are expected to have a high school diploma and follow a qualification course to be able to tell the difference between sirloin and tenderloin and create perfect pieces of each. They don’t only need brute force, it is also necessary to have good customer service skills, as most of the times they could be hired to work directly with the client and need to represent the business in a professional manner.

When applying and interviewing for a meat cutter job, one should highlight their ability to work with inventory, increase sales and offer advice to clients.

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Tips for Meat Cutters Resumes

Dexterity with the knife

For a meat cutter it is essential to have excellent skills using the knife, the meat saw, and butcher’s knife as well as a wide range of other sharp tools. These skills not only make you better in your job and increase productivity, but they help you stay safe and avoid cutting yourself. Give examples of industrial level equipments you feel comfortable using like a band saw or meat grinders. Mention your ability to perform physically intensive labor in cold storage rooms for hours.

Client Service

Meat cutters who are employed by supermarkets or deli shops should offer excellent customer service by asking the customer about their needs. Cooking knowledge helps, as you can recommend the best cut for each dish. Offer your advice to the client on how to select a quality piece of meat depending on the end use and you will soon see an increase in sales. Be sure to weight the meat correctly and wrap it tightly to avoid leaks.

Team worker and mentor

Usually meat cutters work in small teams, as this is hard work and it is safer and faster to divide the tasks between more people. When working with sharp knives and saws, coordination and communication are essential to avoid injury. The cutter is supposed to be able to coordinate with peers and get the job done fast and accurate. As this was traditionally a job that required an apprenticeship period, more experienced meat cutters help novices learn the tips and tricks of the trade. A resume should include the number of years of experience.

Meat Cutters Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for meat cutter can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

blank resume template for a meat cutterMeat cutters are encouraged to show their interest in fulfilling customer requirements and keeping a safe and clean work environment.

Additional Meat Cutters Resume Tips

  • Food safety regulations – Working with raw meat involves high contamination risks and all necessary safety measures should be put in place to avoid a disaster. Give examples of your ability to clean and sanitize the working area, storage and shop freezing showcases.
  • Administrative duties – Usually the meat cutter is also responsible for the inventory, stocking the cold room and participating in unloading the trucks delivering meat. More senior meat cutters can also be responsible for scheduling work shifts for the meat department or being in charge of the cash register.

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