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Healthcare is one of the only fields that provides a steady paycheck, ample growth opportunities, and the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. It is no wonder that so many people decide to commit to working in healthcare and pharmacy.

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The Many Careers in Healthcare and Medicine

From the entry level positions to some of the jobs with the highest average salaries in the United States, there are many different careers you can pursue in pharmacy and healthcare, working in areas such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Private Practice Clinics
  • Surgical Centers
  • Home Care
  • Labs

No matter what your personality is or what path you want to pursue, those that are committed to the wellbeing of others will be able to find a job in an area of their choosing. You simply have to have the knowledge and training to do the job, and the ability to show that you are ready for the role on your resume and template.

For those considering a new career in healthcare and pharmacy, or those that have worked in the field for years and are in the market for new employment, check out the resume tips, templates, and samples, below, or sign up with Online Resume Builders today to get started with your own resume.

  • Dietitian Resume Samples and Templates

    Maintaining a healthy nutrition is one of our world’s biggest challenges, since we are always on the rush, we avoid cooked meals and we don’t have enough knowledge about food groups to combine them in nourishing combinations. The role of a dietitian is to put together food combinations that bring the client all the right … Continued

  • Audiologist Resume Samples and Templates

    Hearing problems can cause permanent disabilities and treating them correctly is necessary if you want to avoid aggravation. Audiologists are specialists who diagnose and provide advice for such problems, offer investigations, prescribe drugs or even hearing aids. This is a highly technological medical field, as during the diagnosis process an audiologist uses a wide range … Continued

  • Clinical Research Coordinator Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Clinical Research Coordinators manage, organize, and conduct clinical medical trials. These may take place in a number of medical-related organizations, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, or even dedicated research clinics. Coordinators help ensure that the trials are conducted efficiently, and that all rules and regulations are followed, both in ethical and legal matters. Clinical Research … Continued

  • Telemetry Nurse Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Telemetry Nurses are essential elements to any hospital because they care for patients at high risk of complications (such as those in intensive care units). In addition to monitoring patients’ condition, Telemetry Nurses also maintain equipment, counsel visiting family members, and address time-critical complications that may arise. Telemetry Nurses must review equipment data to track … Continued

  • Clinical Assistant Resume Template and Job Description

    Medical doctors are always under time pressure to see as many patients as possible and they need all the free time they can get by delegating some duties to other members of the medical staff. Clinical assistants fill in this role by taking on to themselves administrative tasks and simple medical duties, to allow the … Continued

  • Clinical Pharmacist Resume Samples

    Most conventional treatments rely on the use of prescription drugs. In a hospital or private practice environment the clinical pharmacists are responsible with interacting with physicians and patients to ensure the latter get the correct treatment and there are no unwanted interactions between active substances. Sometimes they are required to prepare small batches of drugs … Continued

  • Drug Safety Associate Resume and Templates

    The most important feature of a drug, apart from its efficiency to treat the disease for which it was designed is to be risk-free or to have mild or unimportant side effects. Drug safety associates are pharmacology experts with the mission to study adverse effects of new drugs or little known interactions of existing ones. … Continued

  • Pharmaceutical Representative Resume and Templates

    Big Pharma is big business nowadays and the drug industry has started hiring their own sales agents, called pharmaceutical representatives. These people are specialists, experts, usually with a good medical background, aiming to convince physicians and hospitals to sign agreements with their employers for huge amounts of money. Pharmaceutical representatives need to attend conferences, workshops, … Continued

  • Hospital Registrar Template and Job Description

    Administrative work takes a lot of time and accuracy is top priority, especially in healthcare. The role of the hospital registrar, sometimes called patient registrar, is to help patients go through the formalities required at the arrival at a healthcare facility. This is a good job for a detail oriented, polite and friendly individual. Formal … Continued

  • Mental Health Counselor Resume and Job Description

    Mental balance and well being are some of the most important traits of happy and productive people. Serious issues like depression, anxiety or other emotional issues can be treated with the help of a mental health counselor; a psychology specialist who focuses on adults’ or couples’ therapy. These professionals help patients overcome addictions, mental troubles … Continued

  • Triage Nurse Resume Sample and Job Description

    Triage nurses are responsible for assigning priorities to the patients arriving in the ER based on the seriousness of their illnesses or injury. Their job is a mix of first aid, medical evaluation and human care and attention. The most important traits of a successful candidate are remaining calm and composed, following procedures and providing … Continued

  • Charge Nurse Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Having earned a BSN or MSN degree, passed the requirements to be a registered nurse (RN), and then built up a few years of experience, charge nurses (CNs) serve as the leaders of their ward, along with all that entails. That is why hospitals and medical offices that depend on Charge Nurses are very careful … Continued

  • Medical Biller Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Handing much of the administrative work within the medical profession, medical billers and coders match the reports they receive with unique industry codes to be forwarded to the insurance companies, ensuring proper payment. They may even hold the responsibility of updating patient records. As there is time, money, and adequate treatment all at stake here, … Continued

  • Pharmacist Resume Samples, Templates and Tips

    As population ages and pharmaceutical companies continue to focus on the management of chronic conditions, the role of the pharmacist is becoming more vital in everyday life. So too are the arenas for practice expanding, with what was once exclusive to hospitals and drug stores now moving out into grocery stores and the larger community. … Continued

  • Anesthesia Technician Resume

    Most surgical interventions require the use of anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. Since this is in fact a deep state of induced coma, patients need to be under careful medical analysis during this intervention. One of the members of the medical team is the anesthesia technician, a professional designated to help the anesthetist with … Continued

  • Pharmacist Resume Samples, Tips and Template

    A Pharmacist has a broad range of roles and responsibilities including handling medications and prescriptions, collaborating with various medical and healthcare professionals, providing patient care, and managing other aspects of pharmacy operations such as inventory, medical records, and clinical and laboratory data. As such, you want to encapsulate as much of this as possible when … Continued

  • Hemodialysis Technician Resume

    Kidneys are essential to filter toxins and remove biological waste. When their function fails due to different health problems there are artificial methods to remove waste from the bloodstream and prevent death by accumulation of large amounts of byproducts and fluids in the body. The dialysis technician connects the patient to hemodialysis equipment that slowly … Continued

  • How To Write A Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

    As a Certified Nursing Assistant, your job will involve looking after the welfare of patients and assisting other medical professionals in their care at a clinic, hospital, elder care home, or university. These jobs are always in demand, but there are also many qualified applicants applying to the roles. That’s why you need to take … Continued

  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist Resume Samples and Templates

    Modern medicine relies heavily on laboratory tests to identify various diseases or to evaluate the levels of certain indicators of health such as blood cells, vitamins and minerals. The professionals responsible for these actions, called medical laboratory technician or clinical laboratory scientists are expected to perform accurate lab tests and get back to physicians with … Continued

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