Hospitality Job Info

Many different jobs rely on customer service. But in the hospitality field, customer service is the nature of your work. From the hotel clerk that represents the face of the company to the marketing and maintenance staff that help keep the hotel running, each and every position is primarily focused on making sure that the client is happy with their stay and ready to recommend them to friends.

Hospitality is a people based field. Duties performed may depend on the position, but at any point you may need to emphasize:

  • Customer Service
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Organization and Project Management

Hospitality salaries start at entry level, with positions like hotel clerk and hotel attendant paying roughly $10.00 per hour depending on the state and the company.

But even those jobs are in high demand as they provide a more prestigious way to gain experience, and over time you’ll often find that you can move up in the field, becoming a hotel manager ($47,000 salary), or even a general manager ($55,000 salary or more). Many people with experience in hospitality also go on to start their own businesses in the future.

Yet perhaps the greatest reason to work in hospitality is the types of people you’ll meet. No other job allows you to have conversations with so many unique cultures and backgrounds – and for many, the ability to make a guest happy and have them enjoy their stay is second to none. The field can be very competitive, especially since there are often fewer job application requirements, but those that get the hospitality jobs find that they are well worth it.

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