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Well-written recipes follow a step-by-step process from acquiring the ingredients and tools to prepping everything accurately. The same is true of restaurant managers’ resumes. The best restaurant manager resumes address all the work that they help to oversee.

A four-star restaurant manager resume should demonstrate you can be relied on to establish a positive working environment, in addition to handling all the clerical work in the office, and show that you have what it takes to run and manage a great restaurant.

Tips for Restaurant Manager Resumes

The Hectic Work Day

There is nothing as advantageous on a resume than numbers. Real, proven numbers – such as the number of tables you’ve had to manage, the revenue you’ve brought to the company, statistics on turnover and satisfaction, etc. – all of these are going to show you are much more ready for the position than anything else you can put on your resume.

Putting the Customer First

Whether you’re on the floor or in back, you’re likely to be the one called upon to represent the restaurant in good times and bad. This means upselling your customer service skills on your resume, knowing that diners who feel a stronger personal connection will keep coming back. That said, don’t neglect details on the back-end work of maintaining high standards for food safety, cleaning, and maintenance. Even the best customer service can’t cover for an unappetizing meal.

Meeting Specs

Part of leading a restaurant means working on your soft skills, not just your hard skills. These are skills such as training new employees, getting them experience in multiple positions, and retaining them. Be sure to speak specifically to such instances on your resume, quoting figures if you can of instances where you helped to promote efficiency, and talking about your training and leadership examples.

Restaurant Manager Resume Samples

The life of a restaurant manager is a broad one. From experience with different types of cuisines to knowledge of the inner workings of food and recruitment, it helps to have a great resume that shows off a broad range of talents. Consider the following restaurant manager resume samples:

Build a restaurant manager resume

Restaurant Manager Resume

Restaurant manager is one of the highest positions you can have in the restaurant world so make sure you create a resume that proves you’re ready for that role.

Additional Restaurant Manager Resume Tips

  • Paper and Plates – Managers often take care of bookkeeping for a restaurant, from worker schedules to budgeting and food costs to inventory to handling reservations to personnel logs. A good restaurant manager resume acknowledge the administrative work involved.
  • The Different Cuisines – No two restaurants cook the same meals the same way. Similarly, no restaurant manager job openings are looking for someone with the exact same skills. The best thing you can do is make sure that you write a resume that is written specifically for each restaurant’s job description.
  • Substitutes for Experience – There are few fast ways to get a job managing a restaurant, with the responsibilities building off of years of first-hand involvement. However, if you have an associate’s or bachelor’s in restaurant management, hospitality, or business, listing it can help cover for fewer years of experience, and may be worth highlighting on the resume.

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