Information Technology Resume Templates and Job Descriptions

Information Technology Job Info

IT is, in many ways, the future of all employment. Information technology has evolved to be so much more than coding. It is IoT. It is engineering software. It is the creation of products and services that are going to change the future.

And IT is a lucrative field as well. The average individual working in IT makes a salary of roughly $80,000 a year, and that number can grow exponentially the more you prove your talent. But before you can get the most desirable of IT jobs, you have to understand how to make an information technology resume.

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The Roles Involved in IT Jobs

As you apply to jobs in IT, or you decide whether or not to consider information technology as a field, note that the jobs themselves do require hard work and knowledge. Depending on the position, you may be asked to perform:

  • Coding and developing new software.
  • Crafting and testing new hardware.
  • Designing websites and providing UI/UX interface.
  • Testing problem solving.
  • Cybersecurity and monitoring.
  • IT Support and training.

But although IT depends on this extensive training and experience, it is also a career with immense value – both to the company itself, and to the future of the industry. Those that work in IT are often working to shape the future in a career that pays well and has excellent growth potential. Start your information technology resume and choose high quality, professional IT job templates at Online Resume Builders.

  • Computer Operator Resume Samples

    Not all companies require the specialized services of a computer engineer or a dedicated IT department. Smaller organizations are perfectly fine with the services of a computer operator, a general troubleshooter who can also give a hand with installing programs, new peripherals such as printers or fix the wireless network, while maintaining accurate records of … Continued

  • Content Developer Resume Samples

    The explosion of the Internet has led to an increase in the demand for people able to generate interesting and original content for various websites. These professionals, called content developers are a mix of writers, web designers, graphic designers and journalists. Their role is to create content that is new, interesting and sharable and adjust … Continued

  • Front End Developer Resume

    The visible part of the website, the one that users interact with is called in technical terms the front end, by analogy with the front office of a company. This interface is created and updated by front end developers, who are IT professionals with good command over HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This job is less … Continued

  • Mobile Architect Resume Samples

    Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are becoming an integrated part of our daily life. Due to their size and cost limitations there is a need to have teams of professionals who build software solutions dedicated for these devices, and the needs of the end user. The experts behind the software solutions are called … Continued

  • IT Help Desk Support Resume

    Technology is great and helps organizations get to higher levels by saving time, eliminating repetitive work and providing quick access to relevant information. However, in order to take advantage of these perks, the computer network has to be functional, up to date and having the latest software versions. You can work either in house or … Continued

  • IT Team Lead Resume Samples

    Teams function at their top capacity when there is a person responsible for each action and someone to keep in check the progress of each project, assigning tasks, checking performance and being a guardian of individual accountability. The IT team lead or IT team leader is a senior IT specialist who is responsible for the … Continued

  • Network Administrator Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    In today’s highly technological world the need for an IT system that is always up and running has become a necessity. The people responsible for the maintenance, back-up and normal functioning of computers and the networks they create are the network administrators. They take care of servers, updating software on individual work stations, setting up … Continued

  • Data Administrator Resume

    Data has become one of the most important assets of an organization. Since we live in times of information overload, having data is not enough, it only becomes valuable if it is well organized, labeled and secured. This is the duty of the data administrator, an IT professional specialized in managing databases, configuring systems and … Continued

  • AutoCAD Drafter Resume Sample and Job Description

    Computer aided design is an integral part of engineering, manufacturing, aviation and other technical fields. The need for accurate schemes, blueprints and 3D models calls for well prepared professionals in this area, such as the AutoCAD drafters or AutoCAD operators. These are specialists proficient in using the CAD software to create drawings following engineer’s directions … Continued

  • Junior Web Developer Resume Sample and Job Description

    We live in the era of online and technologies, if you don’t have a website you don’t exist. The entry level position in the website industry is the junior web developer, a specialist with up to 3 years experience in creating pages, helping modify existing ones or adjusting simple functionalities through programming. As a junior … Continued

  • Help Desk Specialist Resume Sample and Job Description

    Computer systems are highly useful, but can become extremely frustrating when they don’t behave as we expect or refuse to function completely. This is the moment when a help desk specialist can prove useful and guide the user through the necessary troubleshooting steps via telephone or by remotely logging in to their computer, especially in … Continued

  • Console Operator Resume Template and Job Description 2017

    Numerous industries use control panels to operate large machines or equipments. Some examples include manufacturing, television, entertainment and security. The console operator is a professional instructed in operating specific equipment, computers and monitoring systems. The job implies having excellent technical knowledge about the right levels required for each indicator and adjusting them as necessary. Depending … Continued

  • Coder Resume Samples and Job Description 2017

    A coder is a short name for a computer programmer, a professional responsible for writing code in a certain programming language. Not to be confused with a “medical coder”, which is administrative function. A coder is a computer specialist trained in using one or more programming languages in order to create software or applications. The … Continued

  • Digital Account Manager Resume Samples and Job Description

    Companies offering digital services such as online marketing, SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) assign digital account managers to take care of their client’s businesses and to have someone liable if the results are less than expected. The digital account manager is responsible for coming up with a suitable strategy for the client’s needs or implementing one … Continued

  • SAP FICO Consultant Resume Samples

    For a commercial organization financial accounting and control functions are necessary to ensure proper use of resources and measuring results. Large organizations have chosen to use SAP as an ERP and the developers have created special modules to handle the functions mentioned. The SAP FI is an accounting extension while the SAP CO relates to … Continued

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