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Insurance is a trillion dollar industry. That is because those all over the country need protection for their home, health, car, life, and other assets. Insurance jobs can also be highly lucrative careers, and as you move forward in the insurance industry you’ll find that many jobs offer financial incentives to those that successfully prove their value.

What Insurance Jobs Are Out There?

Working in the insurance industry also opens up many doors and opportunities for those ready to embark on this type of career. The most well known jobs in insurance are insurance salesmen. But there are many other career options as well, including:

  • Claims Adjustment
  • Actuaries
  • Underwriter
  • Loss Control
  • Customer Service Representatives

Insurance also requires a variety of other tasks, including data entry, filing, projections and business planning, and much more. The average salary for these positions can start at $50,000 once you get to mid-level, and can quickly rise for those that move up in the company or exceed sales figures.

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Getting Your Insurance Job

Below, you’ll find a variety of resume tips, samples, and templates that are tailored to the insurance agency. Look for the job you’re applying to in order to find specific instructions on how to land the job and create your resume, and don’t forget to sign up with Online Resume Builders to create a resume that matches what the employers want.

  • Insurance Sales Representative Resume

    The world is filled with risks and the safest choice is to acknowledge them, and to mitigate them by purchasing insurance from an insurance sales representative, sometimes also called an insurance agent. These professionals can work as freelance brokers for multiple companies or be hired just by one company to focus only on their specific … Continued

  • Insurance Verification Specialist Resume

    The insurance business means big money at risk at each moment, which makes it a sensitive domain. Every reputable company is struggling to keep on the right side of the line which divides profit from not meeting client expectations. In this balance game, the job of the insurance verification specialists is to bring justice to … Continued

  • Claims Analyst Resume and Template

    In the world of insurances, one of the most important roles for the company’s profit is that of the person responsible with determining the company’s liability in each case. This is the duty of the claims analyst, an investigator whose job is to conduct interviews with the client, to determine the circumstances of the accident … Continued

  • Life insurance agent Resume Samples, Tips and Templates

    The Life insurance agent is responsible for selling insurance policies covering fatalities to individuals, or making corporate offers to companies to be used as payment perks for their employees. This kind of agent is on fact a highly specialized insurance broker, therefore any previous experience in this field, or a related one (sales/ customer care) … Continued

  • Underwriter Assistant Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    An underwriter assistant is an entry-level position in the world of insurance and usually requires some education in finance, accounting or banking, although sometimes high-school education is enough. Most tasks are simple, repetitive, but require great accuracy and attention to details as well as some computer operating skills like fast typing, looking into databases and … Continued

  • Actuary Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    Actuary professionals are responsible for measuring the risks and their possible financial impact in order to put in place ways to minimize damages or at least decrease the costs associated with accidents. This role implies analyzing a lot of data. The actuary produces statistical models which predict the potential outcomes in case of a negative … Continued

  • F&I Manager Resume Samples and Job Description

    The finance and insurance manager (F&I) , also called an auto finance manger is responsible for creating and processing the paperwork related to buying a new or used car in a dealership, most of the times by taking a loan or accessing a leasing solution. The tasks include counseling the buyer, helping them evaluate their … Continued

  • Claims Examiner Resume Sample and Job Description

    In a multibillion dollar business such as insurance there is the need for a specialist who verifies the clients’ claims for authenticity, policy following and file completeness. This is the job of the claims examiner, an insurance specialist who acts on behalf of the insurer and should behave like an auditor or even a detective, … Continued

  • Insurance Adjuster Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    An insurance adjuster is a detail oriented professional with an appetite for investigations and a logical mindset. Their role includes interviewing the claimer and the other involved parts to understand the exact circumstances the unfortunate events took place. Their main duty is to assess the accuracy of the related events and to evaluate the damage, … Continued

  • Insurance Underwriter Resume Samples, Tips, and Templates

    An insurance underwriter is a risk management professional who has a solid background in finance, accounting, law, banking or even technical training. Their main duty is to assess the probability of the ensured risk and determine a price for the premium which is acceptable by the client’s standards and profitable for the company. Most insurance … Continued

  • Insurance Agent Resume Samples and Tips

    Providing their clients with peace of mind is the insurance agent’s main goal, whether it’s by selling them policies in auto, home, health, or life insurance, helping to plan their financial futures, or holding their hand through the difficult process of settling a claim. As a profession that deals with sensitive issues accompanied by complex … Continued

  • Health Insurance Agent Resume Samples and Job Description

    A health insurance agent is a niche oriented insurance professional, working for a company or as an independent broker, selling policies that can be used for healthcare payment in case of accidents, or in private facilities, which are not covered by general, state issued policies. The most important skills for a successful candidate are sales, … Continued

  • Licensed Insurance Agent Resume Samples and Job Description

    The licensed insurance agent’s duty is to identify clients and sell them different insurance policies in accordance to their needs, either life insurances or non-life (car, house, travel). The best agents are able to create a bond with the customer and starting from one need expand to others by explaining potential risks and determining uncovered … Continued

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