Insurance Job Info

Insurance is a trillion dollar industry. That is because those all over the country need protection for their home, health, car, life, and other assets. Insurance jobs can also be highly lucrative careers, and as you move forward in the insurance industry you’ll find that many jobs offer financial incentives to those that successfully prove their value.

What Insurance Jobs Are Out There?

Working in the insurance industry also opens up many doors and opportunities for those ready to embark on this type of career. The most well known jobs in insurance are insurance salesmen. But there are many other career options as well, including:

  • Claims Adjustment
  • Actuaries
  • Underwriter
  • Loss Control
  • Customer Service Representatives

Insurance also requires a variety of other tasks, including data entry, filing, projections and business planning, and much more. The average salary for these positions can start at $50,000 once you get to mid-level, and can quickly rise for those that move up in the company or exceed sales figures.

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Getting Your Insurance Job

Below, you’ll find a variety of resume tips, samples, and templates that are tailored to the insurance agency. Look for the job you’re applying to in order to find specific instructions on how to land the job and create your resume, and don’t forget to sign up with Online Resume Builders to create a resume that matches what the employers want.