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Maintenance/Repair Job Info

They call it “maintenance” for a reason. Maintenance and repair jobs are what help every business, property, and individual operate. Maintenance doesn’t always get the glory that it deserves, but it is critical for keeping businesses and homes operational.

The jobs in maintenance and repair are vast. It is a career that requires a lot of hands on work, but also one that requires the ability to problem solve, and one that gives you a chance to show a working knowledge of the items that interest you.

Almost everything needs someone that understands how it works to come in and fix/maintain it, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Computers
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Residential/Commercial

From janitors and housekeepers to maintenance engineers and machinists, there are many opportunities for energized individuals that are looking for reliable, long term work.

Building a Maintenance and Repair Resume

For those that are looking to break into maintenance and repair services, or those that have been working in the field for decades and are looking to move to a different workplace, the best way to get there is with a strong, well designed resume and template that shows you have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

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  • Cable Installer Resume Template and Job Description

    Cable gives subscribes access to internet, telephone and TV services and the professional responsible for a proper installing or troubleshooting of an existing line is the cable installer, sometimes called a cable technician. Their main job is to help customers connect their residencies to a principal distribution line, either through copper wire or glass fiber. … Continued

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    Cleanliness is something that you don’t often notice unless it’s lacking. If you haven’t observed a mess in a public space recently, you have a janitor or custodian to thank for that. While much of the work itself is grimy and, at times, unpleasant, no janitorial candidate will get interviewed with a sloppy presentation. Writing … Continued

  • Machinist Resume Samples,Templates and Tips

    Working with high-powered, precision instruments, machinists create parts and replacements on demand for clients in any mechanical industry, from miniscule screws to aircraft panels. Any error in cutting can mean a part won’t fit or, worse, will fail, so a machinist needs to be attentive to big picture and small scale details. A machinist on … Continued

  • Maintenance Technician Resume Samples,Templates and Tips

    Maintenance technicians need to be skilled at numerous tasks. They are often the doctors of machinery, capable of diagnosing, preventing, and treating a variety of conditions for all different types of industries. With the amount of responsibility involved, it’s important for any tech going on the job market to create a high quality maintenance technician … Continued

  • Apartment Maintenance Technician Resume

    Most apartment complexes have a designated individual who handles all the small repairs and fixes that need to be made, but don’t require a more specialized professional like an electrician or a plumber. This technician is responsible for replacing light bulbs, locks, applying grease on door hinges, checking faucets and drains, doing some minimal carpentry and … Continued

  • Audio Visual Technician Resume

    Electronic devices are a perk of modern times, but keeping them in top condition can sometimes be tricky and it is best to ask a certified professional to do this to avoid further damage. An audio visual technician can repair or maintain a wide range of equipment used in personal or professional settings, including microphones, … Continued

  • Commercial Plumber Resume Samples

    Large buildings or complexes require their own maintenance teams. Since plumbing tends to cause a large amount of the maintenance problems, having a designated professional just for this job is a way to save money and make sure accidents don’t have huge unwanted consequences. The commercial plumber is responsible to fix pipes, leakages and drains … Continued

  • Automotive Technician Resume Samples and Tips

    While they go by many different names – automotive service technician, mechanic, vehicle service tech, and more — the core duties of the auto technician are to diagnose and fix people’s vehicles, keeping them on the road and safe. Just as mechanics will often go through a checklist of issues and possible fixes, whatever garage … Continued

  • Cell Phone Repair Technician Resume

    Cell phones, smartphones and tablets have become almost glued to our hands. These devices are our way of keeping in touch with friends and family; they help us do our job and are a great past-time, but what happens when they have problems? The cell phone repair technician is there to help us fix broken … Continued

  • Auto Body Painter Resume Template 2017

    Auto painting can be a necessity or even a form of art and auto body painters need to be skilled in preparing the surface for painting by sanding, priming and taping the parts, and then using the most appropriate technique to paint, by paint gun, dip painting or even hand-painting. The work is performed in … Continued

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