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People imagine sales to be a very direct, pushy job that requires non-stop phone calls and pressuring people to buy. Sometimes that is involved. But sales is also so much more broad than that. Sales is about relationships. It is about marketing. It is about addressing the needs of someone with your product and service. It is a great career with the potential for a high salary that is in high demand across the globe.

What is Sales?

When you work in sales, you’re working in a field that covers a wide range of careers. There sales jobs at car dealerships, cold callers, client managers, and sales representatives that work in a broad range of settings. The roles of each job may differ between positions, but often involve tasks such as:

  • Determining a customer base and examining what makes an ideal client.
  • Developing relationships and trust with individuals or businesses.
  • Following up and managing sales through a sales pipeline.
  • Coming up with unique ideas and strategies to help brand and market the product.
  • Fielding phone calls or emails and responding promptly and in an organized fashion.

Sales is the type of field that doesn’t fit within a nice little box, because not only do products and services differ: so too do the people that are looking for them. That is why sales in retail means being there to answer customer questions, while sales in IT means calling people on the phone or going to the workplace and showing them how the software or hardware will benefit them.

All sales jobs are different. Your resume, template, cover letter, and more should reflect that. But jobs in sales can also be highly lucrative, and a great career choice or experience for those that are interested in upward mobility.

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  • Medical Sales Representative

    Medical companies make sales of millions; therefore the responsibility on the shoulders of their sales representatives is substantial. The role implies visiting doctors’ offices, presenting the offer, demonstrating use and capabilities of the product or at least showing results of laboratory tests in the case of a device which requires longer use to be effective. … Continued

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