Sales Associate Resume Samples and Tips

The term “Sales Associate” is a broad one. Used often in retail, the title may also be used to reference those that help in sales jobs, those that field phone calls – even those that work at car dealerships.

There are thousands of sales associate jobs available in nearly every industry. Yet many of those jobs do not require many qualifications, which means each job may receive hundreds of applicants from those looking for work. You’ll need to take the time to craft a sales associate resume that stands out and receives extra time and attention from the hiring manager.

Tips for Sales Associate Resumes

Choose an Effective Sales Associate Resume Template

Always act as though each job receives hundreds of applications. What can you do to stand out? It starts by making sure you have an attractive resume template, like those at Online Resume Builders. The wrong template will quickly cause your resume to be passed over, while the right template will get you extra consideration.

Keep it Clean and Scannable

Studies have shown that for jobs with few qualifications that receive many applicants, it’s not uncommon for hiring managers to spend only a few seconds on each application. That means you have to create a resume that is very easy to scan – clean, professional, with only your best possible achievements and skills, all in bullet point format.

Write for the Job

Remember that sales associates work in sales, and you are selling yourself with your resume. Read each job description and write a new resume for each job, because every job you apply for will require different skills.

Sales Associate Resume Samples

The following are some sales associate resume samples for reference. Yours will be unique for the job that you’re applying to, and will need to be a template that is ideal for this type of role.

If you need the best questions for your next interview, why not build a new resume with that?

resume template for sales associateEven if you do not have as many qualifications or as big a job history as these applicants, focus on highlighting your best features and you’ll give yourself the best chance to get the job.

Additional Sales Associate Resume Tips

  • Avoid the Cliché – Remember, your goal is to stand out from all the others that applied for the job. Some common phrases people use like “hard worker” and “fast learner” can be said by anyone. They’re not provable. What is in your work history that makes you genuinely different from others? Use specific examples to help yourself stand out. It helps if you have numbers, such as sales data, to point to.
  • Sales Associates Are Customer Service Workers – While sales numbers and similar data are great for getting ahead, customer service achievements can be even more impressive, because sales associates often work in customer service. As the face of the company, businesses want to know that you can represent the company in a way that will improve sales and make customers very happy.

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Sales associates will always be in high demand, and the position is expected to grow by 10% in the next few years. Start your sales associate career today by building the best possible resume with Online Resume Builders.

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