System Administrator Resume Samples,Templates and Tips

If you’re able to read this resume description, you may have a system or network administrator to thank. Working on the ground level to make sure that Internet and e-mail systems are up and running, the sys admin is checking reports and monitoring if they aren’t out physically trying to solve a problem or upgrade. A job as detail-oriented as network administration needs a resume just as exacting.

Tips for System Administrator Resumes

  • Broad and Narrowband

System administrator is the greater title that can encompass a number of smaller subspecialties. Among these, server admins deal with server operating systems, applications, mail and web access, and troubleshooting hardware. Network admins deal with routers and switches. Database and security admins are both self-explanatory. Depending on the size of the operation you’re applying to, you may have to deal with all, one, or multiple of these specialties, so plan your resume accordingly.

  • Keeping On Top

For many businesses, the system administrator is the one deciding what to buy and where to upgrade infrastructure, to say nothing of patching and changing configuration on the system O/S. These considerations mean that the sys admin has to keep abreast of new technologies and ways in which older ones are being exploited. For both new graduates and industry veterans, this is an opportunity on your resume for you to talk specs and just how you can make use of what you know.

  • Credentials, Digital and Analog

Security credentials need to be updated along any network, but there are credentials for admins as well. Microsoft grants certifications for Windows and SQL, and Cisco, Oracle, RedHat, and the Linux Professional Institute all have their own offerings as well. If you have any of these (or can take them while applying to jobs), they may be worth placing on the resume.

System Administrator Resume Samples

The system administrator resume is often one filled with technological expertise and experiences. If you need direction on how to put them all together, consider the following system administrator resume samples:


System Administrator ResumeBuild System Administrator Resume

In addition, don’t be afraid to consider interesting and unique ways that you can make your own resume stand out from other candidates, by talking about specialized training or data that may show you have the skills to get things done.


Additional System Administrator Resume Tips

  • Tech Talk – Listing your hands-on experience working with networks can be an opportunity to list not only more detailed specifications for users and bandwidth, but to use a few key verbs like “configured,” “deployed,” and “streamlined.”  A resume that has a solid use of these terms is one that will be more valued by employers.
  • BASIC English – Whoever’s hiring may have a sense of the more technical terminology, but the sys admin is often on the ground, training regular employees as they’re added to the system. Thus, while you should have the terminology on-hand, also recognize that you need to show that you can translate it into easy-to-understand terms.
  • Consider the Tracking Systems – Applicant tracking databases are becoming far more common at large companies, and large companies are where system administrators are most often found. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure your resume is keyword ready. Mention many of the tools and tech in the job advertisement if you have the experience, and also make sure you occasionally spell out some of the acronyms (and vice versa) that are most likely to be searched, so that someone searching the system can find you.

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