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Have you ever wondered what happens to resumes after you write them and submit them to an employer? You’re not alone. It’s like the whole application process is a secret and no one seems to know what they do with your resume besides read them or ignore them. Want in on the secret? Here are 5 Secret Tips for Great Resumes.

1 Most resumes go through ATS first.

Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS are programs that employers use to scan resumes. These resumes are then moved on to the next round of review or discarded. Chances are if you applied online, your resume has gone through an ATS. Even if you hand the resume in in-person, it may still go through ATS. If you are planning on writing your resume by yourself, learn about ATS and what to do to use it to your advantage.

2 Most employers will go straight to your work history if you pass ATS.

If you manage to get past the ATS your resume is now in the next round, Human Review. Believe it or not, employers are still actually looking for reasons to throw resumes out. One of the first places they will look will be your work history Employers want experience. If you lack in this field, you need to consider how to dress your resume in such a way that a flaw such as lack of experience can be minimized.

3 Keywords are important for ATS as well as human eyes.

Use keywords! This can’t be stressed enough. Keywords are trigger words to an ATS that will make your resume stand out. The more keywords you hit, the more likely you are to get past the ATS. Once your resume is in someone’s hands, those same keywords will help get you the interview if used properly. Keywords all pertain to your position and the company. That’s why employers use them.

4 Six seconds. That’s how long employers spend initially reading your resume.

In a recent study, it was found that the average employer takes 6 seconds to actually read a resume. Using the latest in eye tracking technology, it was found that the first spot an employer goes to when reading a resume is the work history. Take advantage of this valuable information and make sure they can look right at your work history. Make it easy to find and read within 6 seconds and you may just raise your chance at getting an interview.

5 Have it professionally made!

Employers know when a professional does a resume. Professionals use descriptive words, they design the template well, they use the right font and they know when less is more and more is less. If you are looking to get a job quickly, always consider paying a little more to have a professional write your resume if you are not well practiced at writing a resume yourself.

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