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Time is valuable. Time is money. When we find ourselves in need of a job, each second that passes can seem like an eternity. We have bills to pay. Sometimes we even have mouths to feed. Don’t worry. We’ve put together 8 Tips to Get A Job Fast so you can start making money right away.

  1. Have A Resume Ready

Whether it’s blowing the dust off your old one or writing a new one from scratch, the sooner you have a resume, the sooner you can start applying in an effective manor. Your resume is your key to the city. If you don’t have a resume you are limiting your job options severely and you are putting yourself at the bottom of the hiring list. If you need a resume, consider using our generator. It is designed to create eye-catching resumes that are different from your competition and can do so in minutes. That means you can get out and start applying even sooner.


  1. Dress To Impress

Once you have your resume you should print it and hit the pavement. However, while you are doing that you need to dress for success. A suit and tie says something about you regardless of the position you are applying for. If you have three gentlemen applying for the job, one in a shirt and slacks, the next in a shirt and tie, the final in a suit, who do you think will get a callback? Women should consider a suit or proper office attire as well. First impressions start with your look. Dress professionally and you will make employers want to know more about you.


  1. Get Online

You can’t run around applying for jobs all day. Sometimes, you’ll need to take it easy and relax from all the job searching. That’s when you need to grab a computer and get online. Online job applications are the most popular way to get jobs now. Craigslist is a great way to find leads. LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most effective Social Media sites you can use while searching for a job. If you don’t have a LinkedIn consider our Premium Service to let us build one for you and show you how you can use it to find a job 2x as fast.


  1. Make Phone Calls

This may not be as effective but you can call some ideal places and simply ask if they are hiring. Although it shows initiative you have to remember you are interrupting their work so, be sure to keep it brief. If they are hiring, leave it at that and go in with your resume. Perhaps even better, email them your resume with a Cover Letter.


  1. Newspapers

Newspapers still exist and they also have classified ads in them. Many times these classified sections will have job openings listed. Newspapers also have websites with classifieds now as well. Don’t forget these options if you find yourself at the shallow end of the job-search.


  1. Be Social

When you are out and about handing out resumes, don’t just drop off your resume. Don’t just apply for the job either. Take the time and get to know people. Leave a lasting impression. Shaking hands and exchanging names is a start but go beyond that. If you can engage someone in a brief conversation and use their name in a sentence a few times, they will remember you. You want them talking about you when you leave and hopefully saying, “I like him/her.”


  1. Practice Interviewing

You’ve sent out all your resumes and you’ve decided to take a break and regroup. There is nothing wrong with that. Applying for jobs can be exhausting and is almost like work in itself. Take it easy but not too easy. We would recommend practicing that interview that is sure to come. You can practice in a mirror and focus on your facial expression and posture or you can practice with a friend. Have your friend ask you questions you feel you may be asked on the interview. Get online and look up popular interview questions if you have to. Always be ready to interview. You never know when you’re going to get that call.


  1. Never Give Up

We know looking for a job can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Job-hunting is an uphill race and the competition can be fierce. You are going to receive some no’s and you’re going to have to wait for answers after interviews. It’s just the way it is. When you are feeling sad about a rejection or when you’re chomping at the bit waiting for answers remember: each no is just another step closer to a yes. Dust yourself off and keep moving forward.


OnlineResumeBuilders.com provides a service that will make sure you have a glowing resume. Our resumes stand out from the pile. The generator we created is fast, easy to use and it will save you valuable time so you can start your applying fast. Sign up today and let’s get you that job.

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