Resume Types 101 - What You Need to Know

Resumes display three important things for hiring employers to see. These three things are: Work Experience, Skills and Education. Though resumes may also include descriptions of our personalities, work ethic and contact information, these three items are the backbone of our resumes. Since there are three main sections it would only be natural that there are actually Three Resume Types.

Most people whether they know it or not, display their information in the Chronological Format. This is fine, but if you have more skills than experience or two much of both to keep your resume to one page, there are other options that will work better. Here is our breakdown of The Three Resume Types that will help you display your information the right way.

Common Resume Types 2017

Chronological Format

The Chronological Format as previously mentioned is designed to focus on your work experience. If your work experience is your strongest (most impressive) item worth displaying then it should be the first thing in your resume. Then Education or Skills depending on which one is more impressive from that point. Remember you want to leave your weaker points toward the end. Or just leave them out completely.

Functional Resume

The Functional Resume is designed to put your skills on display first. If you lack work experience, a Functional Resume can help cover that up some. The trick is to pick three or four skills that are detriment to the job. Skills like leadership, business communication and planning are all skills that are highly sought after. If you can back these skills up with examples and achievements, you are on your way to writing a Functional Resume that will beg for an interview.

Combination Resume

The Combination Resume is a hybrid resume that takes the work experience and uses bullet points to highlight skills used and achievements made in one shot. This is great for those who are switching jobs or for those with lots of work experience and skills. Combination Resumes leave lots of opportunity to show employers what you have to offer while trying to keep everything to one page. is all about helping our customers build the right resume. If you’ve read this article in its entirety you probably have a good idea of which type of resume works best for you. Sign up now and start building your resume. Get that job your looking for today.

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