Resume Summary 101 - Professional Templates

A Standard Resume is pretty cut and dry. It has your pertinent work information and for the most part that’s about it. Whenever we find ourselves surfing through the job market, we tend to settle for a familiar Standard Resume. Better Resumes (Advanced Resumes) tend to have something called a Resume Summary.

Resume Summary Examples Explained

What is a Resume Summary?

Resume Summaries take the time to describe your work experience and qualifications in three or four sentences. A good Resume Summary will grab an employer’s attention and make them want to read further. A great Resume Summary will summarize your entire resume so vividly that you practically win the interview before they even read the rest of your resume.

Why should you include a Resume Summary?

Employers tasked with sifting through resumes that get past ATS (applicant tracking systems) have a great deal of reading to do in most cases. A summary at the top of the resume does a huge favor to the person looking for candidates. They will appreciate the summary. Resume Summaries like a label on the back of a fine wine. Fine wines have labels that often tell buyers the flavors they can expect, the year it was barreled and how long it matured. It might even mention what food it goes good with. Your summary will be very similar. Let’s build a simple example.


Jessica Myers is an experienced RN with a young and loving heart. With ten years of experience and an MSN from Miami University, Jessica uses her on the job experience as well as her education to provide care of the highest quality to all of her patients. Her specialties include, [list focuses here].

As you can see, it only took three sentences to write a decent summary that says everything that needs to be said about Jessica’s resume. It highlights her strongest qualities and even speaks to her personality. Wouldn’t you want to meet Jessica?


The Catch:

If you’re not too comfortable with writing about yourself or writing in general, writing a summary could be difficult. You have to look at it from the angle of a salesman. You are selling yourself. This is why the summary uses words that build Jessica’s image so positively. Words like experience, loving and educated are all words employers want to see; especially in her field of nursing.

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