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We wanted to give all Veterans a career guide to getting back to work. We found lots of great resources below that will get you back to work. Whether you have just finished your service or coming out of retirement, this guide offers all the assistance you will need. Every page below is from curated trustworthy organizations. You will find advice from job search, free tools, and programs that will help you succeed in find a new career.

Veterans Job Search Resources

Below you will find a list of trusted sites for getting back to work. You will have a great chance to engage with recruiters from businesses of all sizes. You will most certainly find many meaningful opportunities from these trusted sources. – Over the past decade this company has helping thousands of military, National Guard, Reserve Members and Veterans enter the workforce and

USAJOBS Veterans – The Federal Governments has a long record for employing veterans. Vets often have security clearances that is required for positions and this site is a great resource for finding a new job serving our country. –  This is your one stop shop for all information on job search. They run a weekly update of top hiring companies found here

U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation- A nationwide initiative to find veterans, transitioning member and military spouses to find new employment opportunities.– Veterans Employment Services Office (VESO) is a great government website with career tools such as Military Skills Translator, Resume Builder, And Federal Search Functions.

GI Jobs –  A good place to find a new career calling, go back to school, start a business or a good place to go if you are unsure what to do.

Transition and Training Resource Guide

Veterans have earned a variety of opportunities and benefits that go beyond job search assistance.  Here are a few trusted resource guides to check out. –  A great source from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense on transitioning and getting the training you you need to re-enter the work force. – You will find all about you VA benefits. From Pre separation counseling, to enhanced benefits. There are many plans designed and tailored to fit your needs.

Problem of Combat Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life

Education Resource

Earn College Credit for what you know already with (CLEP) The College-Level Examination Program -.Find all the school resource you need at – Is a must check out government site. They offer some great benefits for veterans on Education benefits.

More Tips, Advice and Articles

Unemployment after discharge? Find out what is possible here

Military– has a great article about transitioning back into the work force and the struggles that come along

The Whitehouse– On how states have stepped  up to get veterans back to work

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