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It is estimated that the average open job receives as many as 200 applications, and that the average time spent on each resume is about 7 seconds. That means you have 7 seconds to capture the hiring manager’s attention, and convince them that you are worth a closer inspection. Writing an effective resume is about making sure that you stand out – that you do something that makes you different from the 199 other resumes the hiring manager has to consider.

How to Make an Impact Resume

  • Choose a Professional Template – Most hiring managers will quickly exclude all unprofessional, distracting, or messy templates. They are looking for resumes they can scan through easily, and show that the person understands the resume process.
  • Write to the Job – Rarely should you ever send in a resume that is identical to the resume you sent to another career. Every job description has unique needs. Edit your resume to clearly show what the hiring manager wants to see, with keywords and skills that are listed in the description.
  • Use Hard Achievements, Not Cliché – Whenever possible, SHOW the employer what talents you have, rather than tell them. It is more impressive to say “Presented at 2016 conference” than it is to say “Great communication skills.” Anyone can say they have great communication skills, but only a select few can show it.
  • Focus On Your Best Attributes – With so little time spent on each resume, you want to avoid drowning out your best achievements and talents with those that are less impressive. Limit your resume to only your absolute best achievements, skills, jobs, and attributes. You do not need to mention every talent or experience you have had. Make sure that every single line of the resume is impressive.
  • Add Keywords – Many companies now use candidate management tools to screen for applicants that have key terms that are important for the position. For example, if a company needs someone with SalesForce experience, they may search for all resumes that mention SalesForce and only review those applicants. Look at the job description and make sure that you have mentioned some of the most important tools and words listed.

Put Yourself in the Mind of the Employer

As you edit and write your resume, imagine that you are the hiring manager. Review each and every part of your resume and ask yourself “would this impress me?” Something as simple as an unprofessional email address can quickly cause employers to move on to the next candidate.

By placing yourself in their position and reviewing your resume from top to bottom, you’ll be able to create a resume that is unique, professional, and ready to impress hiring managers. 

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